KDA, LBA expects final decision on Buddhist Gonpa issue

VoL Desk, September 03: After several rounds of deliberations between the Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA) and Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA), the leaders have agreed to agree on a resolution regarding the controversial Buddhist Gonpa issue here at Kargil today, said reliable sources.

To resolve the issue locally and peacefully, the two bodies have convened three round of talks upto now where the leaders deliberated on various solutions to resolve the issue of construction of Buddhist ...

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ایل بی اے اور کے ڈی اے کے مابین کرگل میں اہم میٹنگ

کرگل، مئی 26:  لداخ بدھسٹ ایسوسیشن اور کرگل ڈیموکریٹک الائنس کے درمیان آج ہائی لینڈ ہوٹل کرگل میں ایک انتہائی اور خفیہ انداز میں بند کمرے میں میٹنگ ہوئی جو قریب چارگھنٹے تک جاری رہی۔

میٹنگ میں ایل بی اے کے صد تھوپستن چھیوانگ،نائب صدر دورجے لقروک کے علاوہ ایل بی اے لیہ یوتھ وینگ اور خواتین کے مندوبین بھی موجود تھے۔

جبکہ کہ  کےڈی اے کی جانب سے قمبر علی آخوند،حاجی اصغرعلی کربلائی،شیخ بشیر شاکر،ناصرحسین منشی،حاجی حنیفہ جان اور سجاد حسین کرگلی میٹنگ میں موجود رہے۔

قریب چار گھنٹے کی میٹنگ...

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سرائے کا مسئلہ افہام وتفہیم سے حل کیاجاسکتاہے: شیخ لطفی

“ہم حسینی ہیں ہمیں دھمکانے کی کوشش نہ کریں

وی ایل نیوزڈیسک//15اپریل//ہم ملت حسینی سے تعلق رکھتے ہیں شہید ہونا اورجیل جانا ہمارے لئے فخر کی بات ہے۔ یہ تمہاری بھول ہے کہ ہم اس قسم کی دھمکی سے خاموش بیٹھیں گے ۔ان باتوں کا اظہار شیخ محمد حسین لطفی نے جمعہ خطبہ کے دوران ایم پی لداخ اور اقلتی کمیشن کی طرف سے چندروز قبل امام خمینی میموریل ٹرسٹ کے وائس چیئر مین شیخ بشیر شاکر کے بیان کو اکسانے والے بیان قرار دیکر ان کے خلاف قانونی کاروائی کرنے کا مطالبہ کیاتھا۔

شیخ لطفی نے کہا کہ شیخ بشیر کے ب...

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Land row poses threat to Ladakh’s communal harmony, common interests

VoL/ March 28, 2022: After the conduct of Tangpe Cho-Nga in Kargil by the Kargil Buddhist Association (KBA), at the disputed structure that the KBA called “Kargil Monastery”, a heated debate has triggered among the two religious communities in Ladakh’s Kargil District. This could plausibly widen the gap between the Muslim and Buddhist communities of Ladakh which was once known for peace, harmony and coexistence. 

The row sprout when the Kargil Buddhist Association conducted a function cal...

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LBA delegation, CEC Leh discuss promotion of “Bhoti language”

Leh, Feb 19: A delegation led by Vice Presidents of Ladakh Buddhist Association Leh, Chhering Dorjay Lakrook, and Dr. Tsewang Yangjor called on the Chairman/CEC, LAHDC Leh, Adv. Tashi Gyalson today.

The delegation comprised of Retired Prof. Jamyang Gyalson, Editor, Cultural Academy Leh, Dr. Thupstan Norboo, Ven. Tsering Chosphel and other concerned members of LBA.

The delegation raised concern over the creation of more Bhoti language teacher posts along with filling up vacancies in var...

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LBA demands apology over “undermining of LAHDC’s prestige, dignity”

LEH, JANUARY 28, 2022: A resolution signed by members of the Central Working Committee (CWC), Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) condemned and sought an apology from responsible officials over the alleged undermining of prestige and dignity of the LAHDC Leh on this Republic Day.

It is noteworthy that some of the councilors from the LAHDC Leh were allegedly barred from entry at the Polo Ground premises to participate in the 73rd Republic Day official function of the Union Territory of Ladak...

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“LBA Nubra unit convince Thupstan Chewang against statehood demand”

KARGIL, NOVEMBER 18, 2021: In a meeting of Ladakh Buddhist Association, members of LBA Nubra unit convinced the President LBA Ladakh Thupstan Chewang, who is also the chairman of Leh based Apex Body against the Statehood demand for Ladakh, reported a press release issued by the LBA Nubra unit on Wednesday.

The meeting was held at Gyalway Photang, Disket Nubra, where a team of LBA Leh led by Thupstan Chbewang met with Executive Members and GCMs of LBA Nubra headed by President LBA Nubra Tserin...

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Secy. International Buddhist Confederation called on LG Mathur

Leh, March 14, 2021: Secretary-General of International Buddhist Confederation (IBC), Delhi along with Secretary of Indian Himalayan Council of Nalanda Buddhist Tradition (IHCNBT), President Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association, Presidents of Ladakh Buddhist Association, and Ladakh Gonpa Association called on the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh R K Mathur, tweeted the Office of the LG Ladakh.

The delegation apprised of the functioning and objective of the IHCNBT. The members of the ICB a...

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Youth Wing LBA Zanskar Condemn Swami Rambhadracharya’s Statement Against Lord Buddha

Zanskar, March 02, 2021: The Ladakh Buddhist Association Youth Wing Zanskar has condemned the controversial statement by Swami Rambhadracharya on Lord Buddha.

The youth wing of the LBA Zanskar condemned the statement in a public notice today.

“We, the Buddhist community from Zanskar, are writing this letter to raise our collective voice in condemnation of the statement made by Swami Rambhadracharya, which was published in Hindi new paper namely “AMARUJALA” in which he showed disrespect...

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Thupstan Chhewang Assume Charge as LBA President

Leh/ February 12, 2021: After won the elections for the post of President Ladakh Buddhist Association, veteran leader fem Leh Thupstan Chhewang assumed charge, said a press release by DIPR Leh.

Thupstan Chhewang won with a majority in the recently held elections conducted by the Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA).

Member of Parliament (MP), Ladakh, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal congratulated Thupstan Chhewang on being elected as the new president of Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA).

MP La...

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