Gaza has Become a Mass Graveyard for Children

The international NGO says that Israel’s brutal military attack against Gaza, which began on October 7th has so far killed more than the annual number of children killed in armed conflicts globally in each of the past four years.

According to multiple reports, corroborated by the Palestinian health ministry as well as the Defence for Children International (DCI) NGO, one child is being killed in Gaza every 10 minutes.

UN human rights monitors said in the press release on October 18th...

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WHO says Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital Unable to Bury Dead Bodies

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that al-Shifa Hospital is “nearly a cemetery” and unable to bury dead bodies as the facility is also tackling power cuts and a lack of fuel amid ongoing Israeli onslaught.

Christian Lindmeier, a spokesman for the WHO, said more than 600 patients were trapped in al-Shifa Hospital, the largest medical complex and central hospital located in the northern Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City, with others sheltering in hallways. “Around the hospital, t...

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Iran ranks first in ophthalmology in West Asia, can compete with advanced countries

Iran ranks first in the field of ophthalmology among West Asian countries and competes with the world’s most advanced countries in this regard, according to an Iranian health official.

Iran Nov 12: Chairman of the Ophthalmology Department at Iran’s Health Ministry, Dr. Mahmoud Jabbarvand, said Iran has been welcoming millions of medical tourists on a yearly basis and that no Iranian patient is sent abroad for medical treatment.

“Given the scope of research and studies in the field of o...

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Escalating Conflict Grips Israel and Palestine, International Community Expresses Concern

Agencies/ Oct. 09: A major military campaign orchestrated by the Palestinian Resistance sent shockwaves through Occupied Palestine as they launched a well-coordinated attack on various Israeli cities and settlements. This offensive, in retaliation to Israeli army and settler violence in the West Bank and the tragic loss of innocent children, has escalated the conflict dramatically.

In response to the attack, Israeli air strikes hit housing blocks, tunnels, a mosque and homes of Hamas off...

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The India-Canada Diplomatic Standoff

The recent statement by EAM S Jaishanker that this is still a world of double standards at a Ministerial Session titled ‘South Rising: Partnerships, Institutions and Ideas’ hosted by the Observer Research Foundation, a few days after Canada has accused India of killing it’s civilian in Vancouver in June and termed it an attack on their sovereignty and violation of international rule of law, cannot be merely taken coincidental. In a veiled attack he criticized West for its hypocritical approa...

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Pakistan’s ex-PM Imran Khan disqualified, sentenced to 3 years in Jail in Toshakhana case

Agencies: Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chief Imran Khan has been sentenced to 3 years in prison and disqualified for 5 years in the Toshakhana case. He has also been fined 1 Lac Pakistani Rupees.

The landmark verdict was announced by Islamabad District and Sessions Court judge Humayun Dilawar who said criminal case has been proved against former premier and announced sentence for three-year in jail.

The court turned down the PTI chief’s appeal against declaring th...

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حج بین الاقوامی میقات اورعالمی وعدہ گاہ ہے ، رہبرانقلاب اسلامی

ایرانی/ایجنسیز/ رہبرانقلاب اسلامی آیت اللہ العظمی سید علی خامنہ ای نے بدھ کو ایران کی مرکزی حج کمیٹی کے عہدیداروں سے اپنے خطاب میں فریضہ حج کی اہمیت کے ادراک کو بہت ہی اہم قرار دیا اور فرمایا کہ حج ایک عالمی اور تمدنی عبادت ہے جس کا مقصد امت اسلامیہ کی ترقی اور کفر و ظلم و سامراج اور بشری و غیر بشری بتوں کے مقابلے میں امت اسلامیہ کے اتحاد کو مضبوط اور مسلمانوں کے دلوں کو ایک دوسرے سے قریب کرنا ہے۔

آپ نے فرمایا کہ حج ایک بین الاقوامی میقات اور عالمی وعدہ گاہ ہے۔

آیت اللہ العظمی سید علی ...

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آیت اللہ عباس علی سلیمانی كون تھے جنہیں نا معلوم اسلحہ بردار نے شہیدکیا

وی ایل ڈیسک//رہبر معظم کے سابقہ نمایندہ و زاہدان کے جمعہ نماز کے امام آیت اللہ عباس علی سلیمانی کونامعلوم اسلحہ بردارنے گزشتہ روز شہید کردیاہے۔

تفصیلات کے مطابق آیت اللہ سلیمانی ایک بینک میں کام کے دوران اس وقت گولی مارکرشہیدکردیاجب وہ ایک کرسی پر آرام فرمارہے تھے۔ اس دیشتگردانہ حملہ میں دیگر تین افراد بھی ذخمی ہو گیے تھے۔ ذرائع کے مطابق قاتل کو اسی وقت دولوگوں نے پکڑلیا۔

اس سانحہ پر ضلہ كرگل كے اہم مزہبی و سماجی تنظیم امام خمینی میموریل ٹرسٹ، انجمن صاحب الزمان سانكو، اور انجمن انقلاب ...

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آیت اللہ عباس علی سلیمانی کو نا معلوم اسلحہ بردار نے کیا شہید

وی ایل ڈیسک//رہبر معظم کے سابقہ نمایندہ و زاہدان کے جمعہ نماز کے امام آیت اللہ عباس علی سلیمانی کونامعلوم اسلحہ بردارنے شہید کردیاہے۔

تفصیلات کے مطابق آیت اللہ سلیمانی  ایک بینک میں کام کے دوران اس وقت گولی مارکرشہیدکردیاجب وہ ایک کرسی پر آرام فرمارہے تھے۔ذرائع کے مطابق قاتل کو اسی وقت دولوگوں نے پکڑلیا۔

واضح رہے  آیت اللہ سلیمانی مجلس خبرگان میں موجود ٨٨ممبران میں سے ایک تھے۔ اس کے علاوہ انہوں نے ١٧ سال تک سیستان بلوچستان میں رہبرمعظم کے نمایندے کے بطور خدمات انجام دئے اور 2019میں اس ...

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Major quake levels buildings across Turkey, Syria atleast 100 Dies

6 FEB 2023, ANKARA: A Syrian health official says the death toll in Syria from Turkey’s earthquake is now at 62 as the death in Turkey rose to 38.

Syria’s assistance health minister said 42 people were killed in government-held areas of the country in Monday’s earthquake. At least 20 other people were killed in the rebel-held northwest raising the death toll in war-torn Syria to 62.

Assistant Health Minister Ahmad Dumeira told state news agency that 200 people were also injured by the ...

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