About Us

The Voice of Ladakh is a tabloid-style weekly bilingual newspaper distributed locally in Union Territory of Ladakh. While its core readership is mainly in District Kargil, it also distributes to surrounding cities such as Leh, Srinagar, Jammu and Delhi. The Voice of Ladakh was established in 2013 which is registered under the Registrar of Newspapers under the registration number: JKBIL/2013/54822.

The Voice of Ladakh embarked on its digital evolution in December 2020. The website went live on 20December 2020 with a fresh look and more responsive design adaptable to mobile, tablet and desktop. Since then, the Voice of Ladakh has established itself as the largest circulated newspaper and online portal in Ladakh. While it is a general news site, it also reaches niche audiences, catering to its readers’ varied interests.

Considering the small population of Ladakh, the Voice of Ladakh has a very small news team that jointly runs the Newspaper, online portal and the YouTube news channel.

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The members are as follows:

Akhone Mohammad Yousuf – Editor

Syed Hashim Rizvi – Executive Editor

Farzana Batool – Intern Reporter

Raza Ali – Intern Video Journalist

M. Ali Asgar – Designer

Kazim Ali – PR Manager

Mohd Jamal – Press Operator

Note: The views and opinions expressed in the articles, opinion pieces and comments are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Voice of Ladakh.