Kargil Observes Day of Ashura in Commemoration of Imam Hussain’s Martyrdom

VoL Desk, July 29: District Kargil, along with other parts of the world, solemnly observed the Day of Ashura, which commemorates the martyrdom of the third Shia Imam, Hussain ibn Ali, and his 71 companions in the historic Battle of Karbala.

Mourning processions were held across Kargil at district, sub-divisions, tehsil, and village levels. The largest gatherings took place at the district headquarters, Kargil, organized by the Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) and Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashr...

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Thousands Gather in Kargil to Honor Abbas ibn Ali, the Standard-Bearer of Imam Hussain

VoL Desk, July 28: Thousands of mourners in Kargil honored the memory of Abbas ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Standard bearer of the soldiers of Imam Hussain, on the ninth of the Islamic month of Moharram. Mourning processions were held at district, sub-division, tehsil, and village levels throughout Kargil on Friday.

The largest procession took place in Kargil town, organized by the Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) and Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil (JUIAK). Village-level processions co...

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Kargil Observes Shutdown Amid Concerns Over Police Response to Sexual Assault Case

VoL Desk, June 26: Following a recent case of sexual assault involving a local medicinal practitioner in Wakha, Kargil, the district witnessed a complete shutdown on Sunday, highlighting concerns over the alleged lack of a clear response from the police. The Jamiat Ulma Isna Ashary Kargil (JUIAK) called for the shutdown, citing the absence of a press conference by the Ladakh police on the matter.

Sajjad Kargili, the JUIAK representative, expressed their primary objective of the shutdown, ...

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Breaking – Religious Organizations of Kargil Reach Agreement in Delhi Talks

Kargil, June 18: Agha Mehdi Mehdavipur, the representative of the Supreme Leader of Iran in India, has successfully facilitated the resolution of several disputed issues among prominent religious organizations in Kargil, according to reliable sources.

During a two-day deliberation on June 14 and 15, Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil and Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) engaged in dialogue mediated by Agha Mehdivipur himself. The parties reached a mutual agreement on two key disputed iss...

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Agha Mehdavipur Extends Invitation to IKMT and JUIAK for Talks in New Delhi to Address Conflicts

VoL Desk, June 9: Ayatollah Agha Mehdi Mehdavipur, the representative of the Supreme Leader of Iran in India, has reached out to prominent religious organizations in Kargil, extending an invitation for talks in New Delhi, according to sources.

After his recent five-day visit to the Kargil district, Agha Mehdavipur has delivered letters to the Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil (JUIAK) and Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil (IKMT), seeking dialogue to address the longstanding conflicts betw...

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JUIAK elects Executive Body for its Literary Wing Shoba E Adab

VoL Desk, May 09: Taqi Khan Nayab, a literary scholar and poet, has been elected as the General Secretary of Shoba E Adab, Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil (JUIAK), Ladakh during the Annual Meeting held at Meeting Hall Isna Asharia Complex Kargil.

The meeting was chaired by Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi, the President of JUIAK Ladakh, and members discussed the achievements and future plans of Shoba E Adab.

The newly elected team includes Padma Shri Akhone Asgar Ali Basharat as Joint Sec...

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Jamiat Ulema Isna Asharia Kargil condemns attack on Shias in Pakistan, pitches for opening Kargil-Skardu Road

VoL Desk, May 5: In view of the recent attack on a school in Parachinar Pakistan targeting the minority Shia community and killing of 7 Shia teachers, Jamiat Ulema Isna Asharia Kargil (JUAIK) called a press conference and condemned the attack on Shia minorities in Pakistan.

The press conference was addressed by President JUAIK Ladakh, Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi who said that the persecution of Shia Muslims of Pakistan is not a new thing whether its Quetta or any other place, the killers...

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Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil Commemorate Demolition of Jannatul Baqi

News Desk, April 29: Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil held a morning congregation and procession on the 8th of Sawwal to commemorate the demolition of Jannatul Baqi by the Al-Saud regime.

Sheikh Hussain Subhani delivered a sermon on the oneness of Allah (Tawheed) and emphasized that all Prophets and Imams in Islam conveyed this message. He also expressed that the sufferings and grief of believers will continue until the re-emergence of the last Shia Imam, Mohammad Mehdi.

The congregat...

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Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil holds protest on International Day of Quds 2023

VoL Desk, April 21: Jamiat Ulema Isna Ashriya Kargil, under the leadership of Imam Juma, Sheikh Ibrahim Khalili, staged a massive protest in Kargil to mark the International Day of Quds 2023 today.

The procession began after Friday prayers from Isna Ashriya Chowk, moving towards Jama Masjid Kargil and passing through Apo Bazar. The march eventually ended at Islamia School.

During the event, Sheikh Ibrahim Khalili emphasized the need for the liberation of Palestine and the reconstructio...

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Sheikh Nazir meets LG Ladakh to discuss issues faced by Kargil residents

VoL Desk, March 20: Sheikh Nazir Mehdi, the President of Anjuman Jammiatul Ulama Isna Asharia Kargil, Ladakh, along with Sheikh Mohd Jawad and Sajjad Hussain, met with the Hon’ble Lt. Governor Brig (Dr) BD Mishra today.

The delegation brought to the Lt. Governor’s attention various issues that the residents of Kargil are facing, including air connectivity, permit issues for commercial vehicles across the two districts, and matters related to manpower distribution in the education sector....

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