EC Kacho Mohd Feroz reviews physical, financial achievements of PHE, I&FC Division

Kargil, Oct 30, 2023: Executive Councilor, PHE and Irrigation, LAHDC, Kargil, Kacho Mohd Feroz Jaffer today conducted a meeting with Executive Engineer PHE and Irrigation and Flood Control Kargil to review the physical and financial achievements of all schemes being executed by PHE and I&FC Division Kargil.

All ongoing and new schemes were thoroughly discussed and directions were issued to the concerned executing agencies to complete the tendering process and budget allotments pending, if...

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Children Unite in Defiance, Demanding Justice for Gaza’s Fallen Innocents!

October 30, 2023 – A tidal wave of righteous fury surged through the hearts of Kargil’s youth, as thousands of children from the district’s remotest corners united at the district headquarter today. Their collective voice roared against the heinous slaughter of innocent Gaza children perpetrated by the Israeli forces.

Nestled amidst the towering Himalayas, Kargil witnessed a remarkable display of solidarity. The morning chill surrendered to the warm embrace of the sun, illuminating the r...

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9th CEC Cup Archery Tournament concludes at Sports Stadium Padum

Kargil, Oct 29, 2023: Executive Councilor, LAHDC, Kargil, Er. Punchok Tashi and Padma Shree Awardee, Chultim Chosjor today attended the concluding day of the 9th CEC Cup Archery Tournament.

A total 37 teams out of 40 registered teams competed the championship. Ibex Salapi with the points of 153 lifted the Cup while Kanishika Sani with 141 points got 2nd position and 3rd position to Archer Crew Padum with 132 points.

The individual highest score was won by Dorjay Lotus of Babalachen Ba...

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سنگینگی میک پو فیسے لتوس چوقچیک زیرے غزیانگنوک
سولہ زنزوس ستورے نگوین دوک سو ختے ملبیانگ نوک

زوسے غاصب کونی میزائلی زہریس توقسے
ہسا شاون ژھقسمہ گیورے فرونی امے فانگمیانگ نوک

لڈوروبا یونگسے ننگون ژھن فوتے فیستا جق ژم
زدیکپا ژام ژھیکسے خرو غاصبی بم کھا میانگنوک

سنینگا سنینگ ژھا میگا میکچھو کتو یودنا زیرچھیک
سغیس لبیک یا غزہ نی لچے یودنا کھیانگ نوک

قدس صیہونی لغیانگ نا فوتے کھیونگما ژھن نگین
رپاہو حماسی رماغیس ستروق کھورے یود لقپیانگ نوک

نگی نگوچن سید حسن نصر اللہ حزب اللہ
کھونگی ...

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نتن یاہو

ہُوا ہے اب الٰہی فوج۔ بے قابو نتن یاہو
قسم اللہ کی نہ اب بچے گا تُو نتن یاہو

تُو کب تک گود میں امریکہ کے چھپ جاؤ گے ظالم
قریباً اُس کے بھی توڑیں گے ہم بازو نتن یاہو

کسی پر بس چلے تیرا تو تُو مغرور مت ہونا
خدائی فوج پر چلتا نہیں جادُو نتن یاہو

تم اپنے اسلحوں پر ناز کرتے پھر رہے ہو نا!
تمہارا ناک رگڑیں گے ہم ہی ہر سُو نتن یاہو

تمہاری ضد نے جب چھینی ہے سانس معصوم کلیوں کی
تیرے کردار پہ اب ہو رہا تُھو تُھو نتن یاہو

حماس،القدس،حذب اللہ، میرا رہبر ہے جب زندہٰ
تُو اُن کے سامنے کیا ہے؟ بس ا...

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Woes Continue for B.Ed Students in Ladakh: The Clash Between Theoretical and Practical Exams

VoL Desk, Oct. 28: B.Ed students, whose examination centers were recently relocated from the UT of Jammu and Kashmir to their hometowns in Leh or Kargil, find themselves in distress once again due to a clash between ongoing theoretical exams and practical exams.

During a telephonic interview with Voice of Ladakh, a student expressed their concerns about the conflict between their theoretical exams, held in Ladakh centers, and the recently announced dates for their practical exams by Kashm...

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Phyang Councillor Tundup Nubu Cheetah Accuses Ladakh MP of Misleading Public

VoL Desk, Oct. 27 – Tundup Nubu Cheetha, Phyang Councillor, LAHDC Leh has accused Member of Parliament from Ladakh, Jamyang Tsering Namgial of misleading the people of Ladakh on various issues. Cheetha expressed his concerns during a press conference held in Leh on Friday.

In July, the MP had met with the Secretary of Education, Government of India, requesting the creation of permanent posts in the school education department of Ladakh for Bhoti language teachers. Cheetah, in a press conf...

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Leh Muslim Community Protests Against Israeli Atrocities in Gaza

VoL Desk, Oct. 28: Members of Anjuman Moin ul Islam, Leh, along with the Muslim community of Leh, organized a large protest at Leh’s main market condemning the Israeli actions in Gaza, Palestine.

The protest, which included Anjuman Moin ul Islam President Dr. Abdul Qayoom, Anjuman Imamia Leh President Ashraf Barcha, clerics, and hundreds of participants, aimed to express solidarity with the people of Palestine and voice their strong opposition against Israel.

The ongoing conflict betw...

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Ladakh Tourism Displayed its Tapestry of Beauty and Culture at ITB Asia 2023

October 28, 2023: Ladakh Tourism, the jewel of the Himalayas, showcased its interesting beauty and unique cultural experiences at the prestigious ITB Asia 2023, held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from October 25th to 27th. 

Throughout the event, attendees engaged in interactions, sharing the wonders of the region. The interactive sessions allowed visitors to delve deeper into the myriad experiences Ladakh has to offer, from high-altitude adventures to serene spiritual retreats.

The ...

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Workshop on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in waste management held at Leh

Leh, Oct. 27, 2023: Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG), in collaboration with the Municipal Committee (MC) Leh under the Bermen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) project, organized an on-site demonstration cum workshop to raise awareness about the adoption of the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R) in waste management.

The focus was also on minimising the waste through Reduce, Reuse & RecycleThe 3R facility, inaugurated by President, Municipal Commit...

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