A Day with the Purig Cultural and Literary Society in Kargil

The affiliation with media profession since last many years provided me the opportunity to hold the veins and gauge public sentiments on different issues. And I believe that the current young generation is much enthusiastic about reviving and preserving the local language. Sensing this curiosity among youth the Purig Cultural and Literary Society has been quenching the thrust of the Purgi speaking community. I was also wondering, how the society would contribute in reviving the culture and p...

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Primary Shrinking, Secondary Struggles: The Issues Facing Government Schools in Ladakh

While the whole country is buzzing about the success stories and school performance in the recent CBSE results, the Union Territory of Ladakh is experiencing the worst board exam performance, and no one is ready to talk about it. The recent haphazard switch from JKBOSE to CBSE, the centralized packaging syllabus, the abstract concepts, the language challenges, and the session examination session have all been suddenly imposed on the schooling system of Ladakh without considering the region’s...

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Ladakh Democratic Alliance: A Tale of Strategic Unity and Political Maturity in Kargil

Over the past few days, a new name “Ladakh Democratic Alliance” has been circulating in news in connection to independent candidate from Kargil, Haji Hanifa Jan from Kargil. This recent development has left many people puzzled who are already bewildered by the rapid changes in political scenario like sudden appearance of a joint single candidate from Kargil and the mass resignation of NC members from the Kargil unit. However, within the local political context of Kargil, this development hol...

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It is time the Ulemas of Kargil reconcile for the larger good

Differences of opinion are generally a sign of a vibrant populace wherein individuals and groups demonstrate their capacity to think. There is argument and counterargument, there is debate and discussion and overall a vitality of thought. However, differences also stem from deep-rooted prejudices and deliberate malice that are carried forward by generations long after their origins have lost relevance in the modern era. The institution of caste system in India is one such example, wherein it...

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Kargil: The neglected or the spoilt child of Ladakh?

Before the arrival of the date on which we’ll be choosing our representatives, it is necessary, we glance through our history a little bit to foresee what may work better for us. It is indeed well said that, “to define the future, one must study the past.” 

If we look at all the developmental activities of the not-so distant past we can come to a very fundamental question, that is, ‘is Kargil the neglected child or the spoilt child of Ladakh?’ This question held relevance since a long tim...

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Career in Political Science: University of Ladakh offers Master Degree programme in Political Science

Political science is a fascinating field that deals with the study of politics, government, and public policy. It examines the processes and institutions that shape the lives of individuals and communities, both locally and globally. A degree in political science will provide you with a strong foundation in political theory, comparative politics, international relations, public administration, electoral politics, foreign policy and research methods. It also rigorously tries to understand the...

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میں نے بہت کچھ کھو دیا ہے

14 مارچ کی شام کو میں کرگل بازار سے اپنے گاؤں کرکت ہرل کی جانب روانہ ہوا، کرکت ہمارے علاقے کا نام ہے جو لداخ کے ضلع کرگل سے تقریباً سولہ کلومیٹر پہاڑوں صحراؤں اور خندقوں کی مسافت مسافت طے کرنے کے بعد آتا ہے، اس میں تقریباً چھ گاؤں ہیں اور اسی میں میرا خوبصورت گاؤں ہرل ہے جو سرسبز و شاداب حسین وادیوں کے آغوش میں بسا ہوا ہے۔

شام کے وقت جب میں اپنے گاؤں پہنچا تو مجھے سخت سردی کا احساس ہوا وہ شاید اس لیے کہ ایک مدت کے بعد حیدرآباد کی گرمیوں سے اپنے گاؤں کی سخت سردیوں میں واپسی ہوئی ہے، مائنس ...

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The Plight of Changpa Nomadic Tribe

The Changpas reside on this high-altitude plateau that sprawls in the western and northern parts of Tibet and further extends to Ladakh in India. Most of the regions that the Changpas reside in are quite inhospitable and unsuitable for farming. Thus, the primary occupation of the tribe is the rearing of yaks, horses, and sheep.

The famous “Pashmina” goats, whose soft wool is famous throughout the world, is found in this region. Pashmina, a highly coveted cashmere wool, comes from the fine...

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Constitutional Safeguards for Ladakh: Rationalizing Apprehensions and Justifying Demands

In a world where beings are sensitive and can think rationally, thinking about the future is natural. Predicting the future is not peculiar to humans – all living things anticipate what’s ahead. However, humans are unique because we can think beyond just the immediate future; we can imagine and plan for the distant future consciously. This ability doesn’t replace predicting the near future but adds to it, expanding our scope over time. As a result, our actions are always influenced by how we...

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A Himalayan Jewel: The Architectural Wonders of Stok Palace, Ladakh

The Stok Palace is located in the village of Stok, about 15 kilometer southwest of Leh, the capital of Ladakh, in the northernmost region of India. The Palace holds a rich historical legacy dating back to the 19th century. It was constructed by King Tsepal Namgyal in 1820 after the royal family of Ladakh was exiled from Leh. The construction of the Palace served as the royal residence for the Namgyal dynasty, which ruled Ladakh for centuries.

The Palace played a significant role in Ladakh...

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