SSP Kargil inaugurates Shaheed Zulfiqar Memorial Cricket Tournament at Kargil

Kargil, October 30, 2022: SSP Kargil Anayat Ali Chowdhury today inaugurated District level Shaheed Zulfiqar Memorial Cricket Tournament at Khree Sultan Cho Stadium Biamathang.

Additional SP Kargil Iftikhar Chowdhury, DSHO Kargil Dr Riyaz Ul Hasnain, besides concerned officers of Ladakh Police were present on the occasion. 

Addressing the participating teams, the SSP said the tournament was held at all sub-divisional levels and now has successfully entered the district level which is th...

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EC Tashi inspects developmental work sites in Zanskar

Kargil, October 29, 2022: Executive Councilor, Tourism, RD and Zanskar Affairs Er. Punchok Tashi today visited ice skating rink at Munki Chumik Pipiting.

While inspecting the ice skating rink, he directed the concerned department to prepare for remaining component works such as visitor gallery, changing room, approach road and public convinence which could be projected as desired by Secretary Sport during his recent visit.

The EC also directed to complete the remaining works before the...

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DYSS conducts 7th CEC Cup Traditional Archery Championship in Leh

Leh, Oct 29: Chairman/CEC, Adv. Tashi Gyalson presided over the 7th CEC Cup Traditional Archery Tournament cum championship organised by the Department of Youth Services & Sports, LAHDC Leh in collaboration with the Traditional Archery Society of Ladakh, at Sheynam Gongma Community Hall today. 

EC RDD, Tashi Namgyal Yakzee; EC Art & Culture, Stanzin Chosphel; Councillor Khaltse, Lobzang Sherab; Councillor Korzok, Karma Namdak, Councillor Nyoma, Ishey Spalzang; DYSSO Leh, Tsering Tashi; Me...

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Five-day training on reading proficiency under NIPUN Bharat concludes at DIET Leh

DSSRB Recruitments: Kargil students concerned over high application fee

VoL Desk, Oct. 29: After the notification inviting application for 83 District Cadre Posts by the Kargil Subordinate Services Recruitment Board (KSSRB), students seems concerned about the application fee which is high as compared to similar recruitment process in Leh District.

The students took to tweeter to report their concern, a Social Media platform where most of the Secretaries and District Officers are easily available.

A handle named Tashi Nurbu reported that the recent announce...

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Baseej-e-Imam to go for Executive Body polls tomorrow

VoL Desk, Oct. 29: Chairman, Guardian Council, IKMT Kargil, Sheikh Mohammad Mohaqiq in a notification announced the list of candidates in panel contesting for various posts of Executive Body, Baseej-e-Imam, the youth wing of Imam Khomeini memorial Trust, Kargil.

The election is scheduled tomorrow, October 30, 2022 for six posts that include Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Secretary, Chief Organiser, Treasurer cum Cashier and Publicity Secretary.

The candidates running for the posts ...

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ویسے تو سارا شہر تھا ان وادیوں کے بیچ
میرا وجود چھپ گیا پرچھایوں کے بیچ

مال و متاع و خون جگر سب تو دے دیا
پھر بھی ہمارا نام رہا باغیوں کے بیچ

ہم کو بتا رہے ہو نزاکت گلوں کی تم
عرصہ گزار آے ہیں رعنایوں کے بیچ

ساری تھکن فشار زہن باپ کی گئی
جیسے ہی گھر میں آیا ہے کلکاریوں کے بیچ

تنہایوں میں لوگ پھسل جاتے ہیں مگر
ملتی ہے راہ راست بھی تنہایوں کے بیچ

وہ جوش و ولولہ و وقار و شعار سب
کیا کھو دیا ہے تم نے انگڑایوں کے بیچ

غیروں سے انس و حسن سلوکی کے درمیان
اپنے بچھڑ چکے تھے مہربانیوں کے بیچ...

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CBC GoI concludes its outreach campaign in Ladakh, organizes 4th ICOP in Kargil

Empowerment of society starts with awareness. Information a powerful tool for social upliftment: CEC Feroz Khan

Government’s welfare schemes meant for equitable development of the nation: DC Santosh

Kargil, October 27, 2022: The Central Bureau of Communication (CBC), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India today concluded a two-week-long public outreach campaign in the Union Territory of Ladakh by organizing the final Integrated Communication & Outreach Program (IC...

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قائد اتحادحجةالاسلام والمسلمین الحاج مولانا محمد عباس انصاری کے چہارم میں دسیوں ہزار شیعہ وسنی عقیدت مندوں کی شرکت

ملک وبیرون ممالک کے معروف سیاسی ،سماجی مذہبی شخصیات نے کیا خراج عقیدت پیش،مرحوم کو تاریخ ساز شخصیت قرار دیا

 ایران کے ثقافتی مشیراور رہبر انقلاب کے نمائندے آقای سید علی زادہ موسوی نے مولانا مسرور عباس انصاری کی دستار بندی کی

مجتبیٰ علی؍؍ سرینگر برصغیر کے جید عالم دین ،مفکر ملت،ممتاز قلمکار،مصنف ،مدبر،شعلہ بیان مقرر ،خطیب اہلبیتؑ،داعی اخوت،قائد اتحاد حجةالاسلام والمسلمین الحاج مولانا محمد عباس انصاری کا چہارم نہایت ہی عقیدت اور جوش وجذبہ کے ساتھ منایا گیا جس میں جموں وکشمیر کے علاوہ ملک...

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IKMT condemn barbaric terrorist attack in Shah Chiragh Iran

VoL Desk, Oct. 27: The Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) Kargil, Ladakh, on behalf of people of Kargil strongly condemned the barbaric terrorist attack in the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ahmed Ibn Musa
(AS), Shah Chiragh Shiraz, Iran on Wednesday.

Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) Kargil at this juncture condole the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamnaie and the people of Islamic Republic of Iran, read a statement issued by the General Secretary of the organization.

We also condole and express...

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