Press Club of Ladakh writes to LG, requests action on journalist welfare, land allocation, and foreign exchange programs

VoL Desk, March 27: The Press Club of Ladakh, Kargil has written a memorandum to the Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, highlighting some important issues and concerns that working journalists in the region are facing.

In the memorandum, the press club has requested immediate action on several matters, including land allotment for setting up offices and workspaces, implementation of a journalist welfare scheme, addressing working journalists’ issues in remote areas, and initiating ...

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Press Club Leh and Kargil hold joint meeting

Leh, Nov 30: A meeting between the Executive Body of Press Club Leh and Kargil was convened by Leh Press Club at Hotel the Abdus Leh today.

The main agenda of this meeting was to strengthen both the Press Club of Ladakh.

Hosain Khalo President Press Club of Ladakh, Stanzin Desal President Press Club Leh, Stanzin Murup News 18 / Advisor Press Club Leh, Ali Waziri Vice President Press Club Kargil, Syed Hashim Razvi Advisor Press Club Kargil, Yangchan Dolma AIR Leh, Ibrahim Firdous Cashie...

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جے ڈی انفارمیشن لداخ کی صدارت میں صحافیوں کا اجلا س

صحافیوں کے مسائل کو ترجیحی بنیادوں پر حل کیاجائے گا۔امتیاز کاچو

ایس ایچ رضوی//جوائنٹ ڈائیریکٹر انفارمیشن یوٹی لداخ کے اہتمام سے آج ہل کاونسل سکریٹریٹ کانفرنس ہال میں ایک تعارفی میٹنگ منعقد ہوا۔ میٹنگ کی صدارت جوائنٹ ڈائیریکٹر انفار میشن یوٹی لداخ امتیاز کاچونے کی جس میں اسسٹنٹ ڈائیریکٹر انفارمیشن پدمہ انگمو کے علاوہ میڈیا سے وابستہ مختلف اداروںکے نمایندوں نے شرکت کی۔

اس موقع پر موجودصحافیوں نے جوائنٹ ڈائیریکٹر یوٹی لداخ کی جانب سے تعارفی میٹنگ منعقد کرکے صحافیوں کی خدمات کو اہمیت دیتے ...

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DIPR Kargil organizes workshop on media reporting, editing, photography, GeM

KARGIL, FEBRUARY 15, 2022: Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) Kargil, Ladakh today organized a workshop on media reporting, editing, photography skills and government e-market procurement at Hotel Kargil which was attended by all employees of the department.

For media reporting and editing, the resource person was Mansoor Peer, editor DIPR Kargil who taught the basic reporting and editing skills to the reporters of the department.

He explained in detail the reporting techniq...

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Press Club of Ladakh convenes Second Annual Meeting

KARGIL, FEBRUARY 10, 2022: Press Club Ladakh Kargil convened the Second Annual Meeting today under the Chairmanship of President Press Club of Ladakh Kargil, Hosain Khalo.

On the occasion, the Club members facilitated Ghulam Nabi Zia with traditional Khataks in honour of retirement from Government service and joining the club.

In this Annual meeting Ghulam Nabi Zia, Syed Hashim Razvi and GM Noori has been appointed as Chief Advisor of the Club in the presence of all Members of the club, and fe...

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UT Ladakh to empanel Newspapers for advertisements

Leh, June 24: Panel Advisory Committee (PAC) of UT Ladakh met today under the chairmanship of Padma Angmo, Secretary, Information to initiate the process of empanelment of Newspapers and Periodicals for getting advertisements from the various departments of UT Administration. 

During the meeting, applications submitted by 15 publishers for empanelment was examined by the committee for due consideration based on fulfilment of all the eligibility criterions.The Committee decided to have a s...

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Secretary Info convenes meeting of Ladakh Media Accreditation Committee

Leh, June 22:  Secretary Information, Padma Angmo chaired the first meeting of Ladakh Media Accreditation Committee to scrutinize and consider the applications by news media representatives for accreditation with UT Ladakh. 

Secretary Padma Angmo said that media plays a crucial role as the fourth pillar of democracy and the accredited news persons hold greater responsibility to uphold journalism ethics. Further, she added that there has been a demand from media persons of Ladakh for accre...

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Community Radio to operate from early 2022 in Ladakh

Leh, June 16, 2021: Advisor Ladakh, Umang Narula chaired a meeting to review the implementation strategy for setting up a Community Radio Network in UT Ladakh.  

Issues regarding policy guidelines for community radio, eligibility criteria, technical parameters, site selection, proposed network for community radio, tentative project timeline, requirement from the administration, proposed set up for community radio estimated budget were discussed in the meeting. A detailed presentation was ...

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Media Lies: Aaj Tak TV Spread Misinformation about Kargil

Kargil, April 20, 2021: The Aaj Tak television news channel in a report on Monday spread major misinformation about Kargil district showing a recent video clip where people rush to get fresh vegetables.

The news channel reports that with the spread of Corona cases in the country people have started “panic baying” in various places and such a news report has come from Kargil district. Showing the visuals in Kargil the report said that due to fear of lockdown people have started buying vege...

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UT Admin Formulates Advertisement Policy, forms UT-level PAC

Leh, March 16: To implement the newly formulated advertisement policy, the Administration of Union Territory of Ladakh has constituted the UT-level Panel Advisory Committee (PAC) to empanel newspapers and periodicals for the printing of advertisements of the UT Administration and District Administration of Leh and Kargil.

The PAC comprises the Secretary of Information and Public Relations as the chair, Joint Director/Deputy Director/Under Secretary (Information) as the member secretary, Direc...

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