Press Club of Ladakh writes to LG, requests action on journalist welfare, land allocation, and foreign exchange programs

VoL Desk, March 27: The Press Club of Ladakh, Kargil has written a memorandum to the Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, highlighting some important issues and concerns that working journalists in the region are facing.

In the memorandum, the press club has requested immediate action on several matters, including land allotment for setting up offices and workspaces, implementation of a journalist welfare scheme, addressing working journalists’ issues in remote areas, and initiating foreign tour and exchange programs for journalists.

The press club has urged the government to allocate land for establishing Press Club and residential quarters for the working journalists in Kargil district. They have also requested the implementation of a journalist welfare scheme to support journalists during unforeseen circumstances such as accidents or illnesses. The press club has highlighted the difficulties faced by journalists while working in remote areas of Ladakh and the need for adequate infrastructure and facilities to carry out their duties.

Furthermore, the press club has requested the initiation of foreign tour and exchange programs for working journalists to enhance their skills, gain exposure to international best practices, and learn about new technologies and trends in journalism.

The Press Club of Ladakh hopes that the government will consider their requests and take appropriate actions to address the concerns raised by working journalists of Ladakh.


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