LG Hosts Iftar Party for People of Different Communities in Kargil, Emphasizes Joint Efforts for Social Issues

VoL Desk, April 18: Hon’ble Lt Governor, Brig (Dr) BD Mishra, hosted an Iftar party for people of different communities in Kargil on Sunday. The Iftar party was held at a time when the ongoing auspicious month of Ramzan is being observed worldwide.

During the event, the Hon’ble Lt. Gov extended his warm wishes to everyone and highlighted the importance of joint efforts from all sections of society to address various social issues. He further appealed to the guests to actively contribute t...

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LG Mishra hosts Iftar party, appeals for collective efforts towards social issues

VoL Desk, April 15: Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor Brigadier (Dr) BD Mishra hosted an Iftar party for people from different communities in Leh on Tuesday, marking the holy month of Ramzan. The event was attended by a diverse group of people who came together to break their fast and celebrate the spirit of unity and brotherhood.

During the event, the High-Level Group (HLG) overseeing the development of Ladakh wished everyone a happy and prosperous Ramzan. The Hon’ble Lt. Governor took the opp...

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شب ضربت مولائے متقیان اورشب قدر کے مناسبت پر ضلع بھر میں روح پرور مجالس اور شب بیداری

وی ایل نیوزڈیسک// شب ضربت مولائے متقیان امیر المومنین علی ابن ابی طالب علیہ سلام اور شب قدر کے مناسبت سے ضلع بھر میں روح پرور مجالس اور شب بیداری کی گئی۔

اس مناسبت پر سب بڑا مجالس ضلع ہیڈ کوارٹر پر امام خمینی میموریل ٹرسٹ کے زیر اہتمام مرکزی جامع مسجد کرگل میں منعقد ہوا جہاں ہزاروں کی تعداد میں مومنین نے شرکت کی۔

اس موقع پر حجتہ الاسلام شیخ حمید ناصری نے شب قدر کی اہمیت اور اس سے درک کرکے اعلیٰ مقام تک پہنچنے کا فارمولہ پیش کرتے ہوئے شب ضربت مولائے متقیان امیر المومین علیہ سلام پر مفص...

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LG Mishra attends Iftar Party, highlights importance of brotherhood & cooperation in Ladakh

VoL Desk, April 09: Hon’ble Lt. Governor Brig (Dr) BD Mishra attended an Iftar Party hosted by the Anjuman Imamia Leh at the Imam Bargah in Leh, which was attended by representatives of all religious communities, civil society organizations, and elected representatives.

The Hon’ble LG expressed his pleasure for being a part of the gathering in the holy month of Ramzan, stating that it delivers a message of brotherhood amongst the people of Ladakh.

During the event, the HLG emphasized ...

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ADC Kargil reviews arrangements for Shab-e-Qadr, other events

Kargil April 08, 2023: Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kargil, Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Wani today convened a meeting with concerned officers/officials and religious organizations to review arrangements for Shab-e-Qadr, commemoration of Martyrdom Day of Hazrat Ali (AS) on 21st Ramadan, Jumu’atul-Wida and Eid-ul-Fitr.      

The religious organizations requested the district administration to make necessary arrangements for the upcoming Shabs, processions, Jumu’atul-Wida and Eid-ul-Fitr (2023).

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Headache during Ramadan fasting

During Ramadan fasting, headaches at the end of the day are relatively common, and there can be several reasons for this.

  • One of the primary causes of headaches during Ramadan fasting is dehydration. Fasting can lead to a decrease in fluid intake, and if you don’t drink enough water during the non-fasting hours, you may become dehydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms.
  • Another reason for headaches during Ramadan fasting may be related to low blood sugar ...
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ADC Leh reviews arrangements for holy month of Ramadan

Leh, April 01: In view of the holy month of Ramadan, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Leh, Sonam Chosjor convened a meeting with the concerned departments and stakeholders to review the Ramadan arrangements in the Leh district.

ADC Leh directed the PDD and PHE departments to provide an uninterrupted supply of power and water during Ramadan in the district. He also instructed the FCS&CA and Cooperative departments to ensure the availability of rations and essential commodities in thei...

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Karbalai Flay Administration Over Zojila, Essential Commodities

KARGIL, APRIL 16, 2021: Former MLA and opposition leader Haji Asgar Ali Karbalai lashed the Union Territory of Ladakh administration over delay in opening the Zojila Pass and not making arrangements of essential commodities in Kargil.

The veteran leader made the statement during a speech after the Friday prayers here in Minji Kargil. 

“The UT Administration had promised to open the Zojila Pass on February 28, but now even March 28 has passed and it is Mid April but there are no signs o...

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Dept of Cooperatives Leh arranged essential commodities: Dy. Registrar

KARGIL, APRIL 15, 2021: Office of the Deputy Registrar Cooperatives UT Ladakh on the directions of the UT, District administration and LAHDC Leh has made arrangements of essential commodities in Leh district in view of Holy month of Ramazan, maintained a press release issued by the department.

“In view of the shortage of some of the essential commodities and also the ensuing of the holy month of Ramazan, the department of Cooperative, Leh on the directions of the district and UT Administratio...

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Ramzan began: Kargil face shortage of essential commodities

KARGIL, APRIL 12, 2021: Eyeing on the beginning of Holy month of Ramzan, the shortage of essential commodities has posed a major concern to people in Kargil District.

In this regard the Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil in a Public Notice has appealed the Union Territory and LAHDC administration to make hasty and necessary arrangements of the essential commodities.

While demanding for early opening of Zojila Pass, the socio-religious organization has appealed the shopkeepers and merchants to...

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