LG Hosts Iftar Party for People of Different Communities in Kargil, Emphasizes Joint Efforts for Social Issues

VoL Desk, April 18: Hon’ble Lt Governor, Brig (Dr) BD Mishra, hosted an Iftar party for people of different communities in Kargil on Sunday. The Iftar party was held at a time when the ongoing auspicious month of Ramzan is being observed worldwide.

During the event, the Hon’ble Lt. Gov extended his warm wishes to everyone and highlighted the importance of joint efforts from all sections of society to address various social issues. He further appealed to the guests to actively contribute to the fight against drug abuse and corruption and to make genuine efforts towards water conservation.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the Hon’ble Lt. Gov has convened an Iftar party. Earlier, he hosted an Iftar party in Leh as well, which was widely appreciated by the people from all walks of life.

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The event was attended by people of different faiths, who came together to celebrate the spirit of brotherhood and unity. The Hon’ble Lt. Gov’s gesture of hosting an Iftar party for people from different communities is a reflection of the country’s diversity and pluralism.

The Iftar party at Hotel The Kargil was attended by a host of distinguished guests, including the Chief Executive Councillor of Kargil, Executive Councillors, the Deputy Commissioner, the SSP of Kargil, representatives of religious institutions, councillors, district officers, and representatives of civil societies.


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