CEC Feroz Khan, CE Vijayak discuss BRO projects in Kargil

CE appraises CEC on Zojila opening, assures to open the road as soon as possible

KARGIL, MARCH 01, 2022: Chief Engineer, Project Vijayak, Border Road Organization (BRO), Ashish Gambir today called on Chairman and Chief Executive Councillor (CEC), LAHDC, Kargil Feroz Ahmad Khan at Council Secretariat.

The CE briefed the CEC about various BRO projects being executed in Kargil district.

CE informed that the recently announced bypass from Drass to Pushkum via Shimsha Kharboo is in tendering process...

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CEC Feroz Khan flags off milk vans for Cooperative Societies

KARGIL, FEBRUARY 28, 2022: Chairman and Chief Executive Councillor (CEC), LAHDC, Kargil Feroz Ahmad Khan today flagged off milk vans for Milk Cooperative Societies in Kargil.

The CEC also inaugurated a recreation-cum meeting hall at the office of Deputy Registrar Cooperatives at Baroo. The hall is constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 44.64 lakhs.

The three milk vans were provided to Milk Cooperative Societies of Tambis, Faruna and Shilikchay. The vans have been procured under subsidy compone...

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ہم جنگ کے خلاف ہیں، امریکہ نے یوکرین کو بحران کے دہانے پر کھڑا کیا- رہبر انقلاب

پیغمبراسلام حضرت محمد مصطفی صل اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کی بعثت کی مبارک تاریخ یعنی عید مبعث کے موقع پررہبرانقلاب اسلامی آیت اللہ العظمی سید علی خامنہ ای نے اب سے تھوڑی دیر قبل اپنے براہ راست خطاب میں عید بعثت کی عالم اسلام، ایرانی قوم اور تمام حریت پسندوں کو مبارکباد پیش کی۔

رہبرانقلاب اسلامی آیت اللہ العظمی سید علی خامنہ ای نے فرمایا کہ شب بعثت اور روز بعثت عالم وجود کیلئے ایک عظیم ہدیہ ہے کہ جسے تجلی اعظم کے نام سے بھی یاد کیا جاتا ہے اور اسے رسول اسلام(ص) کو تحفے میں دیا گیا۔ البتہ رسول اس...

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LG visits Open Air Rock Art Museum at Taru Thang

VoL Desk, February 28, 2022: Lieutenant Governor, Ladakh Radha Krishna Mathur visited the Open Air Rock Art Museum at Taru Thang, where Social Anthropologist and a Prehistoric Rock Art Conservationist, Viraf Mehta, briefed the LG Ladakh on various forms of rock art depictions across Ladakh.

Viraf Mehta requested steps for conservation of these more than 650 known rock art sites across the region which can be an insight into prehistoric Ladakh.

Viraf Mehta is a social anthropologist wit...

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11-year-old Iranian girl beats Einstein, Stephen Hawking in Mensa IQ tests

TEHRAN: An 11-year-old Iranian school girl scored the highest points in Mensa IQ Test leaving behind world renowned scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Tara Sharif’s astonishing 162 point score indicates that she is above the so called ‘genius benchmark’ of 140.

Sharing her thoughts on this achievement, Tara said: “I was shocked when I got the result. I never expected to get such a good score.”

In a non-verbal test in Oxford, Tara focused on understanding the meaning of words and a...

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Cultural revival workshop concludes at Aryan Valley

DIPR KARGIL, FEBRUARY 28, 2022: A ten-day-long Cultural Revival Workshop on different forms of Ladakhi music including folk songs, Daman, Surna and Dingtang, organized by Ladakh Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (LAACL) Kargil, in collaboration with different cultural organizations of Aryan valley concluded today at Darchiks-Aryan Valley.

Executive Councilor Works, LAHDC Kargil, Aga Syed Abbas Razvi was the chief guest on the occasion. Officials of LAACL Kargil, PRI members, senior ci...

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