Kargil: The neglected or the spoilt child of Ladakh?

Before the arrival of the date on which we’ll be choosing our representatives, it is necessary, we glance through our history a little bit to foresee what may work better for us. It is indeed well said that, “to define the future, one must study the past.” 

If we look at all the developmental activities of the not-so distant past we can come to a very fundamental question, that is, ‘is Kargil the neglected child or the spoilt child of Ladakh?’ This question held relevance since a long time. And before getting to choose the one who will put forward our problems in front of the union govt. and address our problems no matter how (of course keeping the Constitution in mind) ; we should definitely be able to answer this question. This question and the necessary interpretations via this question will aid us in avoiding costly mistakes. 

The former part of the question where one should ask if and ever if our region has been the neglected child of Ladakh then to be able to answer this I’ll present few laymen observations of mine, so that you can also think for yourself and make informed choices. 

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The story of the two districts is no different than the good old story of two heirs of their parents, wherein one gets most of the parents money and the other gets very little, for the second child is either naive or too dumb to understand what just happened. In this context I’ll leave it upto  you, to classify which is the clever  child and which is the naive one! This same concept or story can be applicable jointly to the two districts when we were under the “guardianship” of J&K but this is a matter of discussion for some other time. See, most of us are no political scientist to know the depths of how much distribution of funds for different sets of projects happened and in what manner; but as laymen with at least some curiosity, we should understand where funds were devolved and where were it utilized. 

If we pick up the latter part of the question asked earlier; to address if this district of ours was the spoilt one we can ask thousands of questions in this particular regard only. Well to give you the context of the question it would be convenient to understand in what way would the word “spoilt” be used. In this regard a spoilt child would be the one who gets enough money from their parents on the condition that it is spent on different things that is listed in the family’s budget, but the spoilt child either spends it recklessly for his own good or keeps it for himself for his selfish expenses. Keeping this child in mind we might ask, what if funds for different developmental project were distributed fairly but our dear representatives further devolved in something less important to us but more to themselves. 

Whatever the case maybe, this time we can make a fair choice in choosing the one who would represent us fairly enough, that we wouldn’t just be dependent on the clichéd saying, “jo hoga dekha jayega”. In this close-knit society of ours, where votes are mostly distributed either for the sake of kins and kiths or in exchange of contractual favors, I would request everyone to make an informed choice, for a particular vote of yours could decide how the coming five years would be. In this age and era where we have plethora of sources of information, just study in depth about ethics, background and experience of the candidates and make an educated choice rather than going with the mera chacha vidhayak banega agenda.


  1. How does the author suggest voters should make an informed choice in the upcoming elections?
    We are relying only familial this unity kargil slogan. We don’t know the ethics , background and experience of this candidates whether Haji hanifa or Tsering Namgyal or Tashi gyalson.

  2. There will never be a straight answer for whether Kargil is the neglected or the spoilt child, but having said that I personally feel that the leaders in Kargil have always had a lesser priority towards good governance and development. I feel that the over attachment of people towards ‘idaaras’ have made people ignore all other important arenas of development and also have helped the leaders to use this social divide as a tool to win elections for the mere sake of it.

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