Purgi Cultural Society Pays Tribute to Folk Song Legend Master Hussain Silmo

VoL Desk, May 26: A delegation of Purig Cultural & Literary Society  (PCLS) Kargil led by it’s President and noted Drama Artist Kacho Ahmed Khan (NSDite) visited the eternal resting place of legendary Purgi Folk Song Artist, Late Haji Mohammad Hussain Silmo (State Awardee) today and paid rich tribute and reverence to the legendary artist by reciting Fatiha and showering flowers on the grave.

This program was being organised to signify the onset of Mendoq-rGyaspa (The festival of Showering flowers on the graves of the deceased) in Purig Kargil which is being celebrated across the region during flowering season of locally grown wild roses(Sya Serpo and Lala-Marchung).

Owing to the historical significance of this festival, PCLS had decided to shower flowers on the grave of this legendary Purigi figure as a mark of respect reciting holy verses of the Quran.

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On this occasion, PCLS member and Poet Nasir Ud Khafi highlighted the life and contributions of Late Haji Hussain, and urged the need to preserve his legacy through various mediums and intensive research. He underscored the remarkable contribution of the late legend regarding preservation of the oral-linguistic heritage of Purigi folklore despite several odds during the time.

Renowned Purigi poets and Artists including Haji Mohammad Hussain Rehnuma, Mohammad Ali Khumar, Mohammad Taqi Khan Nayab, Sajjad Ali Shujat, Mohammad Abbass Yawar were also present on the occasion.

Renowned as a mnemonist and artist, Master Hussain was revered across Ladakh for his unparalleled knowledge of folk songs, Purgi idioms, Ladakhi proverbs, and pure Purgi vocabulary.

Master Hussain’s legacy lies in his extraordinary memory, having preserved over 100 Ladakhi folk songs and epic narratives in their authentic form, untouched by external linguistic influences from languages like Urdu, Persian, English, or Turkish.

His contributions were not confined to oral tradition alone; they were immortalized through recordings and broadcasts by All India Radio Kargil for decades. Additionally, he received numerous accolades from the local district administration in Kargil, recognizing his invaluable cultural contributions.

The delegation was given a warm reception by the relatives of Late Master Hussain at their ancestral graveyard. Gulzar Hussain the elder son of late legend expressed gratitude and thanked the delegation on behalf of the family. He assured to contribute further for continuing the legacy and tradition of folk songs that was preserved by his late father. He thanked every member of PCLS for remembering Late Haji Hussain’s contribution and visiting the grave to mark respect.


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