Ladakhi Folk Song Maestro Haji Master Hussain of Silmo Passes Away

VoL Desk, March 22: Today, the Ladakhi community mourns the loss of a cherished cultural icon, Master Mohd Hussain, whose passing at his ancestral village Silmo leaves a profound void. Renowned as a mnemonist and artist, Master Hussain was revered across Ladakh for his unparalleled knowledge of folk songs, Purgi idioms, Ladakhi proverbs, and pure Purgi vocabulary.

Master Hussain’s legacy lies in his extraordinary memory, having preserved over 100 Ladakhi folk songs and epic narratives in their authentic form, untouched by external linguistic influences from languages like Urdu, Persian, English, or Turkish.

His contributions were not confined to oral tradition alone; they were immortalized through recordings and broadcasts by All India Radio Kargil for decades. Additionally, he received numerous accolades from the local district administration in Kargil, recognizing his invaluable cultural contributions.

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Master Hussain’s impact extended beyond his own recitations; his repertoire of over 80 proverbs has been published in booklet form, while local writers have drawn inspiration from his work, enriching their own literary endeavors.

In interviews with the media, Master Hussain expressed regret over his inability to write, lamenting that he could not compile the wealth of folk songs, idioms, proverbs, and lengthy narratives he held within him. Nonetheless, his memory remains an enduring testament to the rich cultural heritage of Ladakh, ensuring that his legacy will continue to resonate for generations to come.


  1. Inna lillah hi wa inna ilayhi rajioon
    The stories and folk songs which late haji master Hussain shares with us is a contribution to our culture and identity. I don’t have any idea that anybody stills knows rarely such old language jewels which describes our history and ideology.

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