Anti-Narcotics Cell Kargil Strikes a Blow Against Drug Trafficking, Seizing 52 Kg of Poppy Straw in Two Operations

VoL Desk, Sep. 20: In their unwavering commitment to combat drug trafficking, the Anti-Narcotics Cell of Kargil Police have taken resolute action by intercepting and confiscating 18 kilograms of Poppy Straw from a vehicle located at Sumat, Drass.

An FIR has been officially registered in accordance with the provisions of the 8/15 NDPS Act at the Drass Police Station. This development was communicated via an official tweet from the Kargil Police Twitter account on Monday.

Two days earlier, in a separate operation, the Anti-Narcotic Cell Kargil has apprehended two non-local individuals in possession of 34 kilograms of Poppy Straw while they were en route to Leh. According to reliable sources, these individuals had intentions to sell the narcotics in Leh.

The persistent efforts of the Ladakh Police and the Anti-Narcotics Cell in their fight against drug trafficking have earned them high esteem within society. These two agencies have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness by successfully intercepting illegal drugs and alcohol on numerous occasions.


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