Ladakh LG Instructs Heads of Departments to Allocate Dedicated Time for Public Grievance Hearings

VoL Desk, May 03: The Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh has issued an instruction to the Heads of Departments to allocate one hour, three days a week, for hearing public grievances. The announcement was made through Circular No. 05-LA (GAD) of 2023, dated 01-05-2023, by the General Administration Department.

In order to enhance public outreach and ensure efficient service delivery, the Honorable Governor has mandated that all Heads of Departments be accessible to the public, as stated in the circular.

Consequently, it is expected that all relevant HoDs will dedicate one hour every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12:00 PM onwards, to be available in their offices for addressing public grievances. During this designated time, HoDs are advised not to schedule any other commitments, meetings, or tours.


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