Drug Peddler Arrested and Contraband Substances Seized in Leh

VoL Desk, April 15: District Police Leh has arrested a drug peddler and seized a significant quantity of contraband substances, including Spasmo Proxyvon Plus capsules, brown sugar-like substances, and Ganja. The arrest was made during a random Naka checking at Airport Road, Industrial Area, Leh.

According to a press release by the Leh Police, a case FIR No 49/2023 has been registered, and further investigation is currently underway. The police have urged the public to report any information regarding drug peddlers anonymously through the Drugs Free Leh website, mobile number 9541900291, landline number 01982-252200, or by contacting the nearest police station.

The arrest and seizure of contraband substances highlight the ongoing efforts of the authorities to crack down on the illegal drug trade in the region. The police have assured the public that they will continue to take strong action against those involved in drug trafficking and will work towards creating a drug-free community in Leh.

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The public has also been urged to cooperate with the authorities in their efforts to combat the drug menace and to report any suspicious activities or individuals to the police. Such actions are essential in ensuring the safety and security of the community and in preventing the harmful effects of drug abuse.


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