Kargil Police arrest three in drugs smuggling case

VoL Desk, September 01: The Kargil Police has registered a case against three persons allegedly involved in smuggling drugs from Srinagar to Kargil, said Additional Superintendent of Police Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhary in a press conference today.

The case has been registered under FIR number 84 under Section 8 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, informed the Press Conference.

According to ASP Iftikhar Ahmad, yesterday evening the Kargil Police got a pitch from a reliable source regarding illegal drug smuggling around Kargil town.

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Accordingly, a team was constituted under Station House Officer (SHO) Kargil Manzoor Ahmed and three people were arrested in this regard. In the investigation, it was found that they had bought at least 1 kg of drugs from Kashmir at a cost of one lac rupees and smuggled it to District Kargil.

Out of the total one kg, 30 sticks which makes half a kg was sold at a cost of 15-20 thousand rupees per stick.

The drugs have been sold to school-going children and college students. The smuggling was done with the motive to make money instantly, said the cops.

The ASP informed that the Kargil Police is constantly checking and monitoring such activities but this case was a shock to the Kargil police also where they found 25 to 30 teenagers addicted out of which two to three are extremely addicted.

The Kargil Police is looking forward to sending them to the drug de-addiction center. The other minorly addicted are also being monitored and necessary actions will be taken accordingly.

In the last month, the police have filed five FIRs against the illegal selling of liquor at the Police Kargil station. One more case was registered with the NDPS for the illegal selling of liquor.

The victims in the illegal selling of liquor are again the locals of Kargil for which we have taken corrective measures. In addition, 236 gram of drugs was recovered from non-local labor from Drass which was again sold to both locals and non-locals. The person was arrested and a case is filed against him.

In total, the Kargil Police has so far filed 10 FIRs against the illegal selling of drugs. The ASP informed that further investigation is underway and more arrests and FIRs are expected in the coming days.


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