Police Sincere for Eradication of Drugs: SP Kargil

Kargil, March 02, 2021: Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kargil Anayat Ali Choudhary in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Ladakh correspondent discussed various issues like physical crimes, cybercrimes, drugs addiction, food adulteration, and humanitarian activities by police like counselling for youth.

Embarking on the interview, Choudhary said that district Kargil is a historical place with ancient civilizational roots. “I feel proud and lucky to get the opportunity to serve the people of Kargil”, added the new SSP.

Other than watching over criminal cases, the police are also looking forward to fulfilling other aspirations of people on humanitarian grounds.

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On asking how he sees crimes in Kargil, the SSP said that crime reports are comparatively less in Kargil whereas they receive more or less than 100 FIRs every year. It is a fact that the population in rural areas is scattered that causes less conflict and dispute. However, the police are receiving petty crime reports like theft, domestic violence, negligence driving, etc, maintained Choudhary.

The contemporary era is digital time where rate of digital crimes is soaring. For dealing with cybercrimes, we have a special cell called Cyber cell and to deal with women related issues we have women cell, informed Choudhary.

“We are keeping a close eye on all type of small and major crimes with the aim to create an ideal society.”

On asking about traffic issues in Kargil town, especially after opening of Zojila, he said that the UT administration has already invited experts and engineers from outside Ladakh who are studying and surveying the routes. When they submit their report to LG Ladakh, proper arrangements will be made accordingly, said SSP.

On the issue of soaring drugs addiction cases, Choudhary said that the drugs related cases go unreported. The doctors also don’t inform the police and even the public also prefer to avoid police involvement. Addiction of drugs is an illness. Until and unless the people take it seriously, it will damage the society. The police will try to find out the source of these drugs and distributers here. In next one year we will deal with these things and we will not compromise on these issues at all, stressed Choudhary.

As there are no other major crimes, eradication of drugs is one of our prime motive. This is my request to the media, civil societies and public figures to provide us any type of information, if they have any in this regard, appealed SSP Choudhary.

The police will also work for awareness and deaddiction process in coordination with other stakeholders. We will also conduct a survey to find out the type of users, distributors, addicted persons and those who are making money from this illicit mean.

To a question related to poor quality and food contamination in restaurants and hotels, Choudhary said that the police in coordination with concerned departments will also work on food regulation and checking food adulteration.

In his final message to the public, Choudhary informed the youth of Kargil who want to get into police, army and other forces, the Ladakh Police on the directions of LG Ladakh is opening a career counselling center at Police Line Kargil. A cell that will be formed soon will guide the youth in preparing for such competitive exams, facing written examinations, and physical preparations.

Initially we will begin with exams related to police, army and other forces. Later we will include other civil service exams as well. If I myself need to teach I will do it, vowed Choudhary.


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