Advocate Mustafa Haji Questions LAHDC Exclusion in Ladakh’s Land Allotment Policy 2023

Kargil, Nov. 07: Ladakh New Industrial Land Allotment Policy 2023 which was recently implemented in Ladakh raised outrage among the civil society. After the coming into force of this policy Advocate Mustafa Haji raised concern over the policy that “in the policy there is no mention of LAHDC which indicates that the institution represented by people has been sidelined”.

During an interview with voice of Ladakh correspondent, advocate Mustafa Haji said that “despite our opinion in the draf...

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Insights into Kargil’s Political Landscape: An Interview with Adv. Mustafa Haji

This interview with Advocate Mustafa Haji (MH), conducted by Anwar Ali Tsarpa (AT), delves into various aspects of the LAHDC Kargil election and its broader implications. From the extended election duration and the shift in public perception post-Ladakh’s Union Territory status to the complexities of identity-based politics in Kargil and the potential transition towards agenda-based politics, the conversation provides valuable insights into the region’s political landscape. Advocate Mustafa ...

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