RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Urges Focus on Manipur Conflict, Moving Beyond Election Rhetoric

In his first comments following the Lok Sabha election results, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat emphasized the importance of moving past election rhetoric to address the Manipur conflict as a priority.

Speaking at a Sangh event in Nagpur on Monday, Bhagwat remarked, “It’s been a year since Manipur has been waiting for peace. The state remained peaceful for the last 10 years, but suddenly, gun culture has increased again. It is important to resolve the conflict as a priority.”

Bhagwat stressed that the Manipur situation must be given immediate attention, urging a shift from election rhetoric to addressing national issues. Manipur descended into ethnic violence in May of the previous year following clashes between Imphal valley-based Meiteis and hill-based Kukis, leading to over 200 deaths and displacing thousands.

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Regarding the election results, Bhagwat noted that with the government formed, it was unnecessary to dwell on the specifics of the outcome. He called for consensus between the government and the Opposition to effectively serve the populace.

“Election is a process of building consensus. Parliament has two sides so that both aspects of any question can be presented,” Bhagwat said. “All over the world, society has changed, resulting in systemic change. That’s the essence of democracy.”

Bhagwat expressed concern over political parties and leaders creating divisions through derogatory remarks and misinformation, highlighting that even the RSS was being unfairly targeted. He criticized the misuse of technology and the spread of fake news during election campaigns.

“We will have to get rid of the election frenzy and think about the issues faced by the country,” Bhagwat concluded.


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