UOL Students Urge Prompt Resolution of Staff Shortages, Funding Requests, and BPED Course Continuation

VoL Desk, May 14: University of Ladakh students at Leh Campus held a press conference today due to the administration’s failure to address academic issues, shortage of teaching staff, and lack of grant for academic tours. They claimed that despite repeated appeals over the past three years, the administration has not resolved their concerns.

During the conference, students criticized the University Administration for a communication gap between the National Council for Vocational Education and Training and the University regarding the Bachelor in Physical Education (BPED) course. They expressed worry over reports that admissions to BPED/B.Ed courses were not being provided this year, urging the university to resolve the matter promptly to avoid disrupting academic studies.

Additionally, students raised concerns about unresolved issues persisting for three years, including the rejection of funding requests for research papers accepted by foreign universities due to alleged lack of funds. They directly blamed the University Vice Chancellor for signing at least 50 MoUs at national and international levels without tangible benefits for students.

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The students underscored the lack of faculty members, with only two professors available to teach at the master’s level.


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