GDC Kargil hosts intra-faculty sports tournament 2024

Kargil, May 14, 2024: Professor MNM Shabani Chief IQAC today inaugurated the second edition of intra-faculty sports tournament, featuring competitive volleyball, table tennis, and other recreational activities.

The event showcased the athletic prowess and camaraderie of participants from six departments, with a total of 45 players competing for victory.

In the men’s volleyball category, the final match saw the Department of Humanities clinch the championship title, with the Department of Establishment securing the runner-up position.

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Meanwhile, in the women’s table tennis category, Assistant Professor Archo Fatima Nissa emerged victorious, while Assistant Professor Taira Bano earned the runner-up.

The men’s table tennis category witnessed intense competition, with Assistant Professor Syed Ali Mossavi emerging winner in the final match, closely followed by Assistant Professor Shujat Ali Mir as the runner-up.

Additionally, departments showcased their prowess in recreational activities, with the Department of English victory in the Tug of War competition and the Department of Science victory in the Boggy Ball tournament.

Professor MNM Shabani was present as chief guest and Assistant Professor Syed Ali Mossavi was the guest of honour at the event.

In his address, Prof. Shabani commended the players and organizers for their dedication and sportsmanship. He particularly mentioned the participation of women’s teams, highlighting the inclusivity and diversity fostered by the tournament.

Director of Sports, Murtaza Ali, concluded the event by elaborating on the program’s theme and appreciated the players for their outstanding performance.

He emphasized the importance of sports in promoting holistic development and fostering a sense of community within the department.


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