Fire Erupts in residential house at Nangma, Sankoo

VoL Desk, May 14: Fire erupted in a residential house in Nangma, Sankoo, around 5:30 pm today, resulting in significant damage to the property. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries.

The homeowner, identified as Mohd Jaffar, son of Mehdi, witnessed the unfortunate event. Local residents swiftly mobilized to contain the fire, with support from the Army stationed at Khurbathang and NHPC’s fire and emergency services.

Despite efforts to respond promptly, the fire and emergency service vehicle from Kargil town faced delays due to the 40 km distance. This delay sparked frustration among residents of Sankoo town, who expressed dissatisfaction upon their arrival.

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The people on the occasion demanded to establish a fire and emergency service station at Sankoo as this is the fourth fire incident reported this year at the area.


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