Rajnat Singh emphasize no one can capture an inch of land under PM Modi leadership

Delhi, April 12: Dismissing reports suggesting Chinese encroachment on Indian territory in the union territory of Ladakh, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh emphasized that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, no inch of Indian land can be occupied.

Singh stated that India and China are actively engaged in diplomatic and military dialogues to address issues along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

In an interview with ANI, the Defence Minister refuted claims of India losing substantial land to China and clarified that both countries are entitled to carry out construction on their respective sides of the LAC.

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When questioned about Chinese occupation of Indian land, Singh responded, “I don’t think so,” indicating ongoing Commander-level talks to resolve longstanding issues dating back to 2013.

Acknowledging the complexity of such discussions, Singh expressed optimism about reaching a resolution through dialogue, emphasizing the need for trust between the two nations.

The military standoff between India and China since May 2020 has prompted regular meetings like the recent 29th session of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on India-China Border Affairs (WMCC).

Singh criticized the Congress party’s manifesto promising to restore the pre-existing border status with China, highlighting alleged land loss during their governance.

Asserting the Modi government’s commitment to safeguarding Indian territory, Singh declared that no land would be conceded under their administration.

Addressing reports of Chinese construction near the LAC and renaming places in Arunachal Pradesh, Singh noted that both nations undertake construction on their sides of the LAC but stressed the importance of maintaining peace.

While China renewed its claim over Arunachal Pradesh, India firmly rejected these assertions, reiterating the state’s integral status within India’s sovereignty.


  1. This statement by Rajnat Singh highlights the strong and unwavering leadership of PM Modi, whose determination to protect India’s land is unwavering. It’s a testament to his commitment towards the country and its people, and instills a sense of confidence and security in every citizen.

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