Indian Army extends health services to elderly, immobilized patients in Chiktan

Kargil, April 02: In a heartwarming display of compassion and dedication a team of Indian Army doctors and paramedic staff of Forever In Operations Division provided crucial medical assistance to elderly and immobilized patients residing in remote areas of the Chiktan village on Monday.

A total number of 216 patients were benefited from the medical service that include 80 Males, 116 Females and 20 Children.

These health outreach activities have been going above and beyond to ensure that medical care reaches those who need it the most, regardless of the challenges posed by geographical isolation.

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The rugged terrain and lack of easy access to healthcare facilities have made it difficult for elderly and immobilized patients in these remote areas to access timely medical attention by going to health care facilities. However, the team embodying the spirit of selfless service, have been conducting medical camps and providing essential healthcare services right at the doorsteps of these vulnerable individuals.

Their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have not only alleviated the suffering of the elderly and immobilized but have also brought hope, smile and relief to their families through the healing. By bridging the gap between healthcare and those in need, the team has exemplified the values of compassion, service, and dedication that defined the true value of the armed forces.


  1. Indian Army Medical Corps has always been in the forefront of providing succour to the villages in the outlying areas both as a matter of policy and in individual capacity by the doctors posted there. Apart from professional satisfaction, it definitely brings in a lot of goodwill and benefits

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