Advisor Dr Pawan Kotwal Convenes Crucial Meeting on State Climate Change Centre

Leh, April 02, 2024: The Advisor to the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, UT Ladakh Dr Pawan Kotwal, convened a significant meeting to address the pressing environmental challenges facing the Union Territory of Ladakh, at the Civil Secretariat, Leh.

The central point of discussion was the establishment and functioning of the State Climate Change Centre, aimed at fostering sustainable development and resilience in the region.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ladakh Prof. S. K Mehta, unveiled a comprehensive roadmap aligning with the National Education Policy 2020, aimed at revolutionizing the educational landscape. He commenced proceedings with a meticulous presentation outlining the strategic deployment of the eSAMARTH University Management System to streamline administrative operations. The integration of the national knowledge network and the meticulous structuring of academic programs across all levels emphasize yearly progression and the augmentation of Postgraduate programs and development courses.

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Furthermore, the Vice-Chancellor outlined plans for the introduction of certificate courses catering to contemporary educational demands, alongside fostering collaboration to strengthen academic endeavors.

Another presentation highlighted the establishment of the State Climate Change Centre sanctioned by the Department of Science & Technology (GoI). The center is poised to scientifically assess the Himalayan region’s vulnerability to climate change across diverse dimensions encompassing physical, biological, and socio-cultural facets.

The Advisor Dr Pawan Kotwal urged the officials to introduce certificate courses in Astro Tourism, with a special focus on the Hanle Galaxy emerging frontiers of knowledge and tourism. He highlighted the establishment of the State Climate Change Centre housed at the University of Ladakh, which addresses climate change challenges and holds sustainable practices across sectors. The Centre seeks to drive transformative initiatives that safeguard Ladakh’s unique ecological heritage while fostering socio-economic development, he added. Dr Pawan Kotwal further stressed the strengthening of the Mountain Research Institute (MRI) at the University of Ladakh and advised that SCCC and MRI should work in tandem.

The meeting was attended by the Vice-Chancellor, University of Ladakh; the Commissioner/ Secretary of Forest, Ecology & Environment, UT Ladakh; the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Ladakh/ Chief Wildlife Warden, Ladakh; the Chief Conservator of Forest, Ladakh; the Director Accounts and Treasuries, UT Ladakh; the Senior Accounts Officer, FE&E Department, Ladakh; the Deputy Director Planning (K), PD&MD, Ladakh; Dean Research Studies and Dean School of Earth Sciences from University of Ladakh.


  1. Policies regarding ban on extention of 15 years old private vehicles , interstate reassignment of registration numbers in UT Ladakh and most importantly net zero Plastic utilisation can immediately put in place to mitigate pollution.

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