KDA and Apex Body Advance Talks on Ladakh’s Key Demands in Delhi Meeting

VoL Desk, Feb. 24: Today, the sub-committee of the Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA) and Apex Body Leh met with the Ministry of Home Affairs in Delhi to address three of the four critical issues outlined in Ladakh’s agenda, as announced by Ladakh leaders in a joint press conference following the meeting.

After thorough deliberations, the Ladakh leaders expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved and conveyed optimism about the upcoming meeting, anticipated to take place within the next week. Co-Chairman Qamar Ali Akhoon, in a media interaction, also expressed contentment with the meeting’s outcomes.

Regarding the establishment of a Public Service Commission for Ladakh, the Ministry of Home Affairs assured a prompt notification to initiate action on this matter. However, discussions on the other two demands, namely Statehood for Ladakh and inclusion in the Sixth Schedule, were detailed and substantial. The ministry committed to further advancing these issues in the upcoming meeting, which will also involve legal experts to assess the demands from a legal perspective, as stated by Sajjad Hussain Kargili during the press conference.

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The Ministry of Home Affairs also expressed a willingness to conduct future meetings in Ladakh. However, Ladakh leaders proposed holding the meetings in Delhi for the convenience of legal experts and political leaders who can actively participate.

It’s worth noting that the delegation from the Kargil Democratic Alliance and Leh Apex Body had previously engaged with the Ministry of Home Affairs on February 19. In that meeting, it was decided to form a sub-committee with three leaders from both Leh and Kargil. The subsequent meeting, scheduled for February 24, took place today.


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