IKMT Kargil Marks 45th Anniversary of Islamic Revolution with Massive Rally and Calls for Action on Global and National Issues

Kargil, Feb. 11: The 45th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, led by Imam Khomeini, was commemorated with fervor and mass participation by thousands of men and women at the Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil (IKMT). The event featured a grand rally in Kargil city and a congregation at Hussaini Park.

A diverse group of devotees from various villages converged at Kargil city, marching in spirited rallies from Zainabiya Chowk. Chanting hymns in honor of Ayatollah Khomeini, the current Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and the Islamic Revolution, they traversed through Kargil Bazar and Jama Masjid, culminating at Hussaini Park.

At Hussaini Park, prominent Kargil leader Haji Asgar Ali Karbalai and Sheikh Sadiq Rajai addressed the gathering, shedding light on the Islamic Revolution and current issues in the Muslim world. Haji Asgar Karbalai expressed concern over the silence of the Muslim and Arab world regarding the ongoing genocide in Gaza. He commended the resistance forces in Gaza for their steadfastness against the Israeli occupation forces, disproving the expectations of Israel and the United States about an easy defeat.

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Karbalai also criticized the Modi government for its treatment of minorities in the country, particularly the demolition of mosques and vandalization of churches. He urged the Indian government to prioritize the issues of minorities, their religious freedom, and basic rights, emphasizing the need for a proactive approach to prevent large-scale turmoil. Furthermore, Haji Asgar Karbalai appealed to the Indian Central Government to address the demands of the Ladakhi people. He called for constitutional safeguards for land and jobs in Ladakh and advocated for granting full-fledged statehood to Ladakh, along with other pressing demands.


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