Councillor Skurbuchan, Leh Expresses Concerns Regarding Construction of Worship Place

VoL Desk, Feb. 12: The sitting LAHDC-Leh Councillor from Skurbuchan, Lundup Dorjay, voiced his concerns over the alleged construction of a Mandir in Skurbuchan, Leh, in a video on YouTube Saturday.

Addressing the general public, he expressed apprehension that allowing such activities to continue unchecked could have adverse effects on Ladakhi identity and land, potentially inflaming religious tensions in the region.

Dorjay noted that construction laborers from outside the region, engaged in road expansion activities from Khaltsi to Batalik, often establish temporary temples for their prayers. Upon receiving complaints from locals at Skurbuchan about the establishment of the temporary temple, Dorjay and other area representatives visited the site to confirm the construction.

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During the visit, it was revealed that a Junior Engineer had instructed the laborers to build the temple. Dorjay questioned the legitimacy of constructing such a revered structure on land belonging to others, citing similar instances, such as a temple established at a temporary Army Camp in Hanu Thang.

On learning about the construction of the “illegal temple”, the locals of the area with representatives visited the site and damaged the structure. Dorjay further reported the matter to the Tehsildar, Khaltsi, urging investigation. He cautioned that religious tensions could escalate if such actions were not addressed promptly, potentially endangering both Ladakhi identity and land.

Dorjay appealed to the responsible authorities to support the 6th schedule instead of opposing it, emphasizing the need to unite in safeguarding the region’s identity and land.


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