“Leh Chalo Andolan”: Ladakh Unites for Urgent Safeguard

VoL Desk, Jan. 28: In a press conference convened by the Leh Apex body, a significant call for the “Leh Chalo Andolan” on February 3, 2024, was made to safeguard the interests of Ladakh. Expressing their dissatisfaction with the periodic meetings with the Ministry of Home Affairs, both the Leh Apex Body and KDA jointly announced the commencement of the “Leh Chalo Andolan.”

During the press conference, Tsering Lakrok disclosed that the demonstration is scheduled to commence at 10:00 am from the NDA Stadium, concluding at Polo Ground Leh, where a rally will be addressed. Notably, environmental activist Sonam Wangchuck is set to initiate a 21-day-long fast on the eve of the protest, a cause for which Lakruk urged the general public to support Wangchuk’s efforts.

Lakrok emphasized that the protest will persist until their demands are acknowledged and addressed by the Government of India. Stressing the urgency of the situation, he highlighted the proximity of the Lok Sabha elections, for which the code of conduct will be imposed soon.

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Addressing the media, Ashraf Barcha underscored the necessity of today’s collective effort, expressing concerns that failure to do so might result in the Centre Government overlooking their demands. Barcha asserted that safeguarding Ladakh is paramount for the region, and active participation in the movement is the duty of all Ladakhis.

In a call to action, Barcha contended that if the entire Ladakhi community, encompassing both Leh and Kargil, unites their voices for the protection of Ladakh, it would leave the Government with no option but to heed their demands.


  1. If we geniunely want safeguard for ladakh then we have to root out those demagogues leaders in coming election due to whome we all ladakhi have been suffering from last 4 years .

  2. If we geniunely want safeguard for ladakh then we have to root out those demagogues leaders in upcoming election due to whom we the people of ladakh have been suffering from last 4 years.

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