CEC Kargil inspects transport facilities

Kargil, Dec 01, 2023: Chairman/CEC, LAHDC, Kargil Dr Mohd Jaffer Akhoon today visited Bus Stand, Taxi Stand and Municipal Committee Yard to address issues pertinent to transporters and to evaluate on-ground situations.

Deputy Commissioner/CEO, LAHDC, Kargil, ADC Kargil, Deputy, SP HQ, Executive Engineer, R&B Kargil, Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) Kargil, Executive Officer, MC Kargil, District Traffic Inspector (DTI) Kargil, Traffic Manager, SIDCO Kargil Ladakh, besides other officers, accompanied the CEC during the tour.

During the visit, the CEC expressed his commitment to address the concerns raised by transporters, particularly focusing on space-related challenges. “I am actively taking up the issue of fare reduction with SIDCO to ensure the welfare of our people,” he said.

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Transporters raised issues faced by various transport operators, including the need for space for electric buses (E-buses). Dr. Jaffer assured stakeholders of a concrete solution. He emphasized the importance of unity among all parties involved.

Addressing concerns about the station’s location, Dr Jaffer assured to explore alternative places for the station to ensure that no one suffers due to the changes.

Commenting on the environmental impact, the CEC stated that the e-bus initiative is running, keeping the health of the people in consideration. He underlined the significance of sustainable transport options in the region.

The CEC, Dr. Jaffer, reiterated his commitment to finding a solution for the challenges faced by the transport sector in Kargil and urged all stakeholders to collaborate for the overall welfare and sustainable development of the region.


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