Mir Waiz Of Goma Kargil Syed Hussain Mosavi Passed Away After Prolonged Illness

VoL Desk, Nov. 28: Renowned scholar Hujatul Islam Agha Syed Hussain Mosavi, Mir Waiz of Goma Kargil, passed away after a prolonged illness, plunging the entire Kargil community into profound sorrow and mourning.

The funeral prayer which was held at Hussaini Park in Kargil led by Hojatul Islam Sheikh Mohammad Mohaqeq, where thousands attended the funeral prayer. During the occasion, Chairman of the Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust, Hujatul Islam Sheikh Sadiq Rajai, alongside other scholars, honored the late Agha Syed Hussain Mousavi, Mir Waiz, and offered guidance and solace to his family, urging them to remain steadfast.

Chairman of the Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust, Hujat-ul-Islam Wal-Muslimin Sheikh Sadiq Rajai, emphasized the immeasurable contributions made by the deceased to religion and the revolution. He underscored that the legacy left behind by Agha Syed Hussain Mousavi is a debt owed for his unwavering dedication.

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Haji Asghar Ali Karbalai expressed deep sorrow, acknowledging the late Agha Syed Hussain Mousavi as a devoted follower of Imam Khamenei. He highlighted the deceased’s commitment to truth and righteousness, noting his tireless efforts in spreading the message of Islamic Revolution.

Following the funeral prayers at Hussaini Park, a vast procession accompanied the deceased back to his hometown, with thousands joining along the way to pay their final respects.

Upon reaching Gongma Kargil, Sheikh Hussain Lutfi delivered a speech, emphasizing the religious services of the departed and offering counsel to the grieving relatives and villagers.

Numerous religious and social organizations, including Delhi representative of willayat e Faqhi Hujatul Islam Mehdi Medavipor, Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust, Anjuman e Imam Zaman, Anjuman e Sofia Noorbakshia, and many others expressed profound sorrow at the passing of Agha Syed Hussain Mousavi, extending heartfelt condolences to his mourning family.

Agha Syed Hussain Mousavi of Kargil was remembered as a distinguished religious scholar, the Mir Waiz of Kargil Town, and a valued member of the Supervisory Council of the Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust.


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