Ladakh secures 4th GI Tag for ‘Sea-buckthorn’

Ladakh, Nov 15: The Geographical Indication Registry, operating under the Department for the Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, has granted the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) tag to the Department of Industries & Commerce, Ladakh.

The approval designates them as the Registered Proprietor for ‘Ladakh Seabuckthorn’ in Class 31. This latest GI tag underscores Ladakh’s commitment to preserving and promoting its unique and healthful products.

‘Ladakh Seabuckthorn’ joins the ranks of three previously conferred GI tags, further solidifying the region’s reputation for producing exceptional goods with distinct geographical characteristics. The recognition is a testament to Ladakh’s rich agricultural landscape and the meticulous efforts of local industries.

It not only adds to the cultural identity of Ladakh but also enhances the market value of ‘Ladakh Seabuckthorn,’ opening avenues for economic growth and sustainable development in the region.

The GI tag serves as a mark of authenticity, ensuring that consumers can identify and trust the origin of ‘Ladakh Seabuckthorn.’ This acknowledgment on the national stage highlights Ladakh’s contribution to the promotion of indigenous products and reinforces the significance of geographical indications in preserving and promoting cultural heritage.


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