Gaza has Become a Mass Graveyard for Children

The international NGO says that Israel’s brutal military attack against Gaza, which began on October 7th has so far killed more than the annual number of children killed in armed conflicts globally in each of the past four years.

According to multiple reports, corroborated by the Palestinian health ministry as well as the Defence for Children International (DCI) NGO, one child is being killed in Gaza every 10 minutes.

UN human rights monitors said in the press release on October 18th that since the launch of the indiscriminate bombing campaign against Gaza, an average of 100 children have been killed every single day.

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Hundreds of children are still trapped under the rubble of residential buildings targeted during Israel’s strikes on Gaza, hence, they have not been rescued yet, which implies that the actual death toll could be higher.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has revealed that at least one thousand children are missing under the rubble in Gaza. The ongoing siege and the relentless bombardment are impeding search and rescue operations. (Press Tv)

Gaza has become a graveyard for children. It’s a living hell for everyone else. And yet the threats to children go beyond bombs and mortars.

I want to speak briefly now on two of those: water and trauma.

The more than 1 million children of Gaza have a critical water crisis.

Gaza’s water production now, its capacity is at 5% of its daily output.

So, child deaths to dehydration, particularly, infant deaths to dehydration are a growing threat.

James Elder, UNICEF Spokesperson (Press Tv)


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