Dr Mohd Ibrahim from Achambur Completes PhD in Physics from Frankfurt

Kargil, Nov.17: Dr. Mohd Ibrahim of Achambur has recently completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from the esteemed Max Planck Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt and the Institute of Physics at the University of Augsburg in Germany.

Prior to this achievement, Dr. Ibrahim completed his MSc at the renowned IISc Bangalore.

In a social media post, Councillor Parkachik, Syed Ainul Huda, remarked on the significance of Dr. Ibrahim’s accomplishments, particularly noting the challenging circumstances he overcame to reach this milestone.

Recalling the sacrifices of Dr. Ibrahim’s grandfather, Apo Hassan, who dedicated everything for his grandson’s education following the tragic loss of his two sons. He said that “such events taught great lesson to all kargil’s in general and to the ‘Karchay pass’ in particular”.


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