Comm. Secy. Tourism& Culture Inaugurates World Heritage Week

Leh, Nov. 19: The Commissioner/Secretary of Tourism & Culture, UT Ladakh Kacho Mehboob Ali Khan graced the inaugural ceremony of World Heritage Week in the esteemed presence of Padma Shree Morup Namgyal and special guest Rev. Elijah Spalbar Gergan. The event took place at the historic Ancient Palace in Leh, setting the stage for a week-long celebration of historical and cultural richness and heritage.

World Heritage Week is scheduled to be observed from 19th November to 25th November 2023 organized by the Archaeological Survey of India, Mini Circle, Leh. This event aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the historical treasures that define Ladakh’s past and its cultural tapestry.

The ceremony witnessed the convergence of personalities from various fields, uniting for the preservation and promotion of the rich heritage of Ladakh. Socio-religious leaders and students from schools participated in the inaugural session of World Heritage Week and visited the photo exhibition.

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Commissioner/Secretary Kacho Mehboob Ali Khan, in his address, highlighted the importance of identifying the tangible & intangible historical, cultural and geographical heritage of Ladakh and work to safeguard them.

He emphasized on the importance of passing on the knowledge of tangible and intangible heritage of Ladakh to its young generation so that these invaluable assets are preserved, protected, and promoted. He stated that every individual has a role to play in making these assets to survive and also propagate their legacy for understanding Ladakh and its people through these assets.

Padma Shree Morup Namgyal shared insights into the importance of recognizing and protecting heritage sites. The special guest for the occasion, Rev. Elijah Spalbar Gergan stressed on the cultural and historical significance embedded in the heritage of Ladakh.

The week-long celebration will feature a series of events, including interactive sessions, and photo exhibitions, all designed to engage the community and visitors alike in the exploration of Ladakh’s cultural wealth.

The Archaeological Survey of India, Mini Circle, Leh, extends a warm invitation to residents and tourists to participate in the various activities planned throughout World Heritage Week. The event not only celebrates the past but also envisions a future where Ladakh’s cultural heritage continues to thrive.

As the curtains rise on World Heritage Week in Leh, it is an opportunity for all to come together and be part of the collective endeavor to preserve and cherish the invaluable treasures that define the cultural identity of Ladakh.


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    Roger CHARRET

    Ladakh, often called little Tibet, located in northwestern India, is an ancient independent
    kingdom of Tibetan origin. Very isolated in the middle of the Himalayas, on the borders of
    Pakistan, China and Tibet, it did not open to the world until 1960 with the breakthrough of its
    first road. It is only from 1974 that it will be accessible to tourists. Thus, in about forty years,
    Ladakh has gone from the age of yak caravans to that of 4X4 convoys!
    High and cold plateau more than 3 000m, it is a mineral desert. He has always been a victim
    of lack of rain and snow. As everywhere, it must now deal with global warming and the retreat
    of glaciers. How do ladhakis adapt to this aridity and cultivate their fields?

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