Advisor, UT Ladakh Reviews Health & Medical Education Department Projects

Leh, Nov. 28: The Advisor to the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, UT Ladakh, Dr Pawan Kotwal conducted a thorough review of various projects and schemes under the aegis of the Health & Medical Education Department. The meeting delved into the progress made on initiatives, addressing challenges, and outlining the future course for the enhancement of healthcare services in Ladakh, at the Civil Secretariat, Leh.

The Advisor Dr Pawan Kotwal scrutinized the ongoing projects and schemes under the Special Development Package (SDP) to ensure optimal utilization of resources and timely completion. He examined the status and development of Community Health Centers (CHC) in Zanskar and Shargole, emphasizing the importance of accessible healthcare in remote areas. He also sought updates on the establishment of the Medical College with a focus on ensuring the infrastructure and faculty requirements are met for a world-class educational institution. The progress of Nursing Colleges was reviewed, emphasizing the critical role of nursing education in bolstering the healthcare workforce.

Dr Pawan Kotwal sought an update on the status of Pending Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) to streamline the approval process and expedite project implementation. The efficiency and coverage of 108 Ambulance Services were assessed to enhance emergency medical response across Ladakh. Ensuring the availability and accessibility of free diagnostic services for the residents of Ladakh were discussed to promote preventive healthcare.

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Dr Pawan Kotwal emphasized the importance of the procurement of MRI, CT scan, and state-of-the-art medical equipment for accurate diagnosis and treatment. He underscored the commitment of the administration to delivering high-quality healthcare services to the people of Ladakh. The comprehensive review aimed to identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and accelerate the pace of healthcare development in the UT. He expressed his appreciation for the dedicated efforts of the Health & Medical Education Department.

Dr Pawan Kotwal directed the concerned departments to submit the Annual Action Plans under SDP and State Capex with schemes-wise allocation reflective for the year 2024-25 after due consultation and vetting by the respective Chief Executive Councillors of the LAHDCs.

The meeting was attended by the Commissioner/ Secretary, H&ME Department, UT Ladakh; Special Secretary, Health & Medical Education, UT Ladakh; Director, Health & Medical Education/ MD, NHM, UT Ladakh; Chief Engineer, PWD, Ladakh; Deputy Director Planning (K), PD&MD, Ladakh; Chief Medical Officers, Leh; Medical Superintending, Leh, while Chief Engineer, Central Public Works Department, Ladakh; Chief Engineer, Mechanical; Chief Medical Officers, Kargil; Medical Superintending, Kargil joined the meeting virtually.   


  1. Appreciate the comprehensive review undertaken by Advisor Dr Pawan Kotwal in evaluating the Health & Medical Education Department projects in Ladakh. It’s heartening to see a focus on optimizing resources, ensuring timely project completion, and enhancing healthcare services, especially in remote areas like Zanskar and Shargole. The commitment to establishing a Medical College and nurturing nursing education reflects a forward-looking approach. Kudos to the dedication of the entire team, and here’s hoping for continued progress in delivering high-quality healthcare services to the people of Ladakh. #HealthcareDevelopment #LadakhWellness

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