UT Ladakh Invites Residents to Vote for the Perfect Logo for Ladakh Tourism

VoL Desk, September 26: The Department of Tourism in UT Ladakh has made significant progress in selecting a logo for Ladakh Tourism. After receiving an impressive 246 entries, the department has now shortlisted the top 5 logos.

These logos are now up for public voting, allowing the residents of UT Ladakh, aged 15 and above, to actively participate in the selection process.

To ensure fairness and transparency, individuals from UT Ladakh are encouraged to cast their votes and assign scores to these 5 shortlisted logos for Ladakh Tourism.

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The voting period is open from September 26th to October 5th. You can cast your vote by visiting the following Google Form link: https://forms.gle/JoooPoX7Vy5v7Gt59…

Your participation is vital in helping choose a logo that truly represents the beauty and essence of Ladakh.


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