State EC, UT Ladakh Sudhanshu Pandey Chairs Meeting on Electoral Rolls, Delimitation & Panchayat Elections

Leh, Sept. 25: The State Election Commissioner of UT Ladakh Sudhanshu Pandey chaired the meeting on the issues and provisions of the electoral roll, delimitations, and panchayat election in the Union Territory of Ladakh at the Civil Secretariat, Leh.

In his opening address, Sudhanshu Pandey expressed his dedication to ensuring transparent and fair elections in Ladakh, emphasizing the importance of an accurate electoral roll and equitable delimitation of Panchayat constituencies in Ladakh.

One of the key focus areas during his tenure will be the preparation and maintenance of an up-to-date electoral roll, which is essential for conducting free and fair elections, he stated. Additionally, he will oversee the delimitation process to ensure the equitable distribution of constituencies based on the population demographics of Ladakh.

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The meeting focused on critical issues related to the electoral roll and Panchayat elections, emphasizing the commitment to ensure a transparent and democratic electoral process in the region. The meeting underscored the importance of preparing and maintaining an accurate and up-to-date electoral roll.

It was emphasized that an error-free electoral roll forms the foundation of credible elections. The State Election Commissioner reaffirmed the commitment to ensure that every eligible voter in Ladakh is included in the electoral roll.

Delimitation of constituencies is a crucial process to ensure equitable representation. The meeting discussed strategies to carry out the process efficiently, taking into account population demographics and geographical factors in Ladakh.

The state election commissioner emphasized the significance of grassroots-level elections in promoting local governance and community empowerment. He assured that the election process would be conducted with utmost fairness and integrity. The meeting reiterated the commitment to transparency and fairness in all electoral processes. It was stressed that these principles are essential to uphold the democratic values of the Ladakh Union Territory. The State Election Commissioner expressed his gratitude for the active participation and valuable insights shared by officials, and experts during the meeting.

The State Election Commissioner stressed the formation of the Ladakh Panchayat Election Act as soon as possible. He emphasized that the Ladakh UT must come out with its own Panchayati Raj Act incorporated at the earliest for which the Commission and its team shall support the whole process to be concluded in a time-bound manner. The Secretary of the Rural Development Department and Panchayati Raj, UT Ladakh Amit Sharma stressed making amendments to laws/acts related to the panchayat election and stressed the formation of a new act on the Panchayat Election in Ladakh as per the issues and provisions based on populations of the region.

Amit Sharma stated that the Ladakh Union Territory Administration remains committed to conducting transparent, inclusive, and fair elections, upholding the principles of democracy, and empowering the local communities in the region. The meeting was held with the attendance of the Secretary to Election Commission, Govt. of India; Director of the Rural Development Department, UT Ladakh; Deputy Commissioner/CEO of LAHDC, Leh; Chief Electoral Officer, Leh; Deputy Secretaries; Under Secretaries; Block Development Officers of Leh district; Panchayat Officer, Leh; and key officials, while the Secretary of the Rural Development Department & Panchayati Raj Institutions, UT Ladakh joined the meeting virtually to deliberate on the issues, and provisions of electoral rolls, delimitation and panchayat elections in the Union Territory of Ladakh.


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