Revitalization of the Red Cross Society in UT Ladakh: A Step Towards Community Welfare

Leh, Sep 1: The Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of Union Territory of Ladakh, Dr. Pawan Kotwal, presided over a crucial meeting at the Civil Secretariat, Leh, focusing on the resurgence of the Red Cross Society in Ladakh. The meeting, attended by all relevant officers, underscored the commitment to revitalizing the Red Cross Society in the region.

 The Red Cross Society of UT Ladakh is poised to embark on a transformative journey, infused with renewed energy and purpose. With a core emphasis on community welfare, health initiatives, and blood donation campaigns, the society envisions creating a profound impact on the lives of Ladakh’s residents. 

Under the insightful leadership of Advisor Ladakh, Dr. Pawan Kotwal, the society is set to engage in collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders, including civil societies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government agencies. This multifaceted coalition aims to forge a robust support network that will extend benefits across the entire Ladakh region.

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 The comprehensive revitalization strategy comprises a spectrum of initiatives, encompassing Health awareness campaigns, establishment of immunization centers and Jan Aushadi outlets, Regular blood donation drives  etcSynergistic efforts with the National Health Mission (NHM) to amplify the impact of existing health programs. 

Advisor Ladakh, Dr. Pawan Kotwal, directed the relevant officials to expedite the process of assigning the secretary role within the forthcoming 15 days to an individual who demonstrates the dedication to undertake all requisite responsibilities.

The meeting was graced by the presence of DC Leh, Santosh Sukhdeva; Chief Medical Officer, Leh; Chief Education Officer, Leh. Additionally, the meeting witnessed the virtual participation of key figures from Leh and Kargil which includes DC, Kargil, Shrikant Balasaheb Suse; Director, School Education Department, UT Ladakh; Chief Medical Officer, Kargil; Chief Education Officer, Kargil. 


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