LG Ladakh Advocates for Himalayan Preservation at International Conference

VoL Desk, Sep. 19: The Honorable Lt. Governor, Brig (Dr) BD Mishra, attended the inaugural session of the International Conference on ‘Himalayan Environment in Changing Climate Scenario,’ held in Leh. This significant event is organized by the University of Ladakh (@ULadakh) in collaboration with several prominent national and international institutes.

The conference has drawn a distinguished gathering of researchers, scientists, and experts specializing in various domains, including Geology, Glaciology, Earth Sciences, Disaster Management, Wildlife, and Forest Studies.

During his address at the conference, Lt. Governor Brig (Dr) BD Mishra underscored the sacred importance of the Himalayas and emphasized the urgent need for their preservation and protection. He passionately articulated that the Himalayas, with their spiritual and ecological significance, are a natural treasure that must be safeguarded for future generations.

Furthermore, the Honorable Lt. Governor pointed out the pressing issues arising from climate change, particularly its impact on Himalayan glaciers, biodiversity, and the entire ecosystem. He stressed the importance of creating widespread awareness and fostering collective responsibility to combat these challenges.

The International Conference on ‘Himalayan Environment in Changing Climate Scenario’ serves as a crucial platform for sharing insights, research findings, and strategies to address the environmental challenges faced by the Himalayan region, making it a cornerstone event in the ongoing efforts to protect this vital ecosystem.


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