LG Assures Action on Pay Increment and Promotion Requests from Award-Winning Teachers

VoL Desk, Sep. 19: The Lieutenant Governor (HLG) of Ladakh was personally reached out to by a delegation of accomplished educators. This delegation included National Award-winning teachers Mr. Sonam Gyatlsan and Mr. Muhammad Ali Akhone, along with State Award-winning teacher Mr. Mohd Mustafa Kamal, who collectively met with the HLG at Raj Niwas today.

During their meeting, these esteemed educators earnestly appealed to the HLG for his intervention in addressing issues related to their salary increments and promotions. They cited the need for aligning these aspects with the practices followed in other states for teachers who have received awards in recognition of their exceptional contributions to education.

In response, the HLG expressed his commitment to addressing their concerns and assured the delegation that he would personally engage with the relevant Department Secretary to initiate the necessary actions.

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