Ladakh Police Dispose of Unexploded Shell in Sharchay Batalik

VoL Desk, September 21: The Sappers of the Forever In Operations Division, in collaboration with the Kargil Police, local administration, and villagers, took prompt action today to safely dispose of an unexploded shell found in Sharchay Batalik village.

This decisive action mitigated the threat, ensuring the safety of the local residents. The Kargil Police announced this successful operation on Twitter, emphasizing their commitment to public safety.

Over the course of this year, unexploded bombs have tragically claimed the lives of at least four individuals, underscoring the pressing need for safety measures and disposal efforts.

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On April 16, near the Astro Football ground in Kurbathang, a devastating incident occurred when an unexploded bomb from the 1999 war exploded. This heart-wrenching incident resulted in the loss of life for one teenager and left two others injured.

Similarly, on July 18, at Akchamal village, a young porter named Mehmood Ali (32), the son of Haji Ahmad, lost his life while transporting goods for an army post when a live bomb unexpectedly exploded.

Another grim incident took place on August 18 in Kargil’s Drass town, where two individuals lost their lives, and 10 others sustained injuries in a blast at the scrap site in the Kabadi Nallah area of Drass town.

Official sources have reported that the Indian Army and Ladakh Police have responded to the escalating incidents of live bomb blasts by conducting several area sanitization campaigns and successfully disposing of various live bombs, demonstrating their commitment to the safety of the region.


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