China has not occupied even a single inch in Ladakh, LG Ladakh

Jammu,Septmeber 11: China has not occupied even a single inch of Indian land in Ladakh, according to Ladakh Lieutenant Governor Brigadier (Dr) B D Mishra. He made this statement in response to questions from the media during the North Tech Symposium 2023 at IIT Jammu campus.

These questions were related to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s claim that China had taken control of a significant portion of Indian territory in Ladakh. While LG Ladakh did not directly comment on Rahul’s statement, he emphasized that he could only speak to what he had observed on the ground. He asserted that there was no Chinese occupation of Indian land in Ladakh, regardless of the events of 1962.

He stated that India currently possessed every inch of its territory in Ladakh, with the Indian armed forces fully prepared for any potential challenges. LG Ladakh also mentioned that while no one would dare to encroach on the Indian side, if any misadventure were to occur, the forces were ready to respond decisively.

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He attributed the high morale of the armed forces to the exceptional leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and noted a noticeable shift in the situation. When asked about indigenous technology and weaponry, Brigadier (retired) Mishra pointed out that during his commission in the army in 1961, there was no such thing as indigenous technology and weaponry.  


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