Only local youth to be eligible for recruitment in Ladakh: LG

VoL Desk, June 6: In a significant announcement, Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh Brig (Retd) BD Mishra emphasized that only local youth should be considered for recruitment in the Union Territory, whether for gazetted or non-gazetted positions.

The LG made this statement in response to a question by reporters during the Ladakh Tribal Fest 2023, held at the University of Ladakh Kargil Campus.

Brig Mishra expressed the view that jobs and vacancies should primarily benefit the local population, with exceptions made only in extraordinary circumstances for outsiders.

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“If not the locals, then who else? I understand this sentiment. All vacancies should be filled by locals,” he said, addressing a query regarding the potential requirement of a Ladakh Resident Certificate (LRC) for jobs in the Union Territory. “We will implement this,” he added.

Regarding the filling of vacancies at the University, Brig Mishra mentioned that he will convene a meeting of the University Governing Council to discuss the matter. “We will make decisions based on the public interest,” he assured.

Furthermore, he stated that the establishment of a college for Sankhoo is currently being considered.

There has been a growing demand among the people of Ladakh that all vacancies in the Union Territory be reserved for locals holding a Ladakh Resident Certificate.

The Ladakh Scholar’s Forum, a collective of research scholars, and PhD scholars of Ladakh, and public representatives, has consistently advocated for the mandatory requirement of the LRC for recruitment in all teaching and non-teaching positions at the University of Ladakh.


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