Teachers’ Day Celebrated in Kargil District to Honor Ayatollah Shaheed Murtaza Mutahhary

Kargil, May 02: Kargil district, along with other parts of the Muslim world, observed the martyrdom anniversary of Ayatollah Shaheed Murtaza Mutahhary as Teachers’ Day. The occasion was marked with great enthusiasm and fervor at 15 Mutahhary Public Schools across the district, including MPS Bazar, MPS Baroo, MPS Kurbathang, and MPS Saliskote.

Distinguished guests such as Member Guardian Council, IKMT Haji Asgar Ali Karbalai, Chairman IKMT Sheikh Sadiq Rajai, Sheikh Hussain Lutfi, Sheikh Hameed Nasiri, Sheikh Bashir Shakir, Haji Fida Wazir, and Sheikh Ibrahim Kareemi graced the event at different locations. Haji Asgar Ali Karbalai, in his address, highlighted the establishment of Mutahhary schools in Kargil in 1984.

Sheikh Mohd Mussa Mirzaye, a teacher at MPS Baroo, advised the youth to immerse themselves in the books and lectures of Ayatollah Shaheed Murtaza Mutahhary. He encouraged the practice of gifting books to family members, friends, and loved ones on special occasions as a means to promote the reading of the Ayatollah’s works. Sheikh Mohd Mussa Mirzaye further emphasized Ayatollah Mutahhary’s commitment to knowledge and philosophy, attributing his high rank to his prayers and deep respect for his parents.

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At an event held at MPS (High Department), Sheikh Akbar Ali Villayati expressed, “Ayatollah Murtaza Mutahhary was one of the most prominent intellectual and cultural figures of modern times. With his profound understanding of Islamic teachings, he met the diverse needs of the present generation. Ayatollah Mutahhary played a significant role in enlightening teachers and academics, thanks to his innovative ideas, creative thoughts, and proper grasp of Islam.”

Chief Guest Sheikh Hussain Lutfi, Principal Jamia Imam Khomeini, described Shaheed Mutahhary as a key coordinator among clerics and university professors during Imam Khomeini’s exile. He praised Ayatollah Mutahhary as a highly knowledgeable expert of Islam and a powerful philosopher who understood the contemporary conditions.

Sheikh Abdul Hameed Nasiri, Principal Jamiatul Zahra, stated that Ayatollah Mutahhary had a crucial objective of raising awareness among the young generation. He highlighted the numerous books written by Mutahhary for the youth, including “Dastan-e Rastan” (“The Epic of Righteousness”), which was honored as the Book of the Year by the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO in 1965.

Murtaza Khalili, Principal of MPS Baroo, expressed admiration for Ayatollah Mutahhary, acknowledging him as a driving force for the Muslim world’s progress towards education. Mr. Idrees Ali, a teacher at MPS, mentioned Ayatollah Mutahhary’s leadership role as the head of the Department of Theology and Islamic Teachings at Tehran University.

Teachers’ Day holds significant importance as it allows for the recognition and appreciation of teachers’ contributions in shaping the minds of the youth. It serves as a reminder that teachers play a crucial role in imparting knowledge and instilling values, ultimately molding responsible citizens and architects of society.

Ayatollah Mutahhary, a renowned scholar, philosopher, lecturer, and one of the architects of the Islamic Republic of Iran, continues to inspire generations through his profound insights, lectures, writings and teachings.


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