LBA President Calls for Boycott of Non-Local Investment in Ladakh to Safeguard Interests of Locals

LEH, May 9: Thupstan Chhewang, the President of Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA), has reiterated his demand for the 6th Schedule of the Indian Constitution to be implemented in the Ladakh Union Territory to safeguard the interests of locals. He called for a boycott of investment by non-locals in the region to protect land, jobs, and business, stressing that only through the implementation of the 6th Schedule can these be secured.

“Since Ladakh became a Union Territory, safeguarding local interests has become essential, but these concerns have not been adequately addressed,” Chhewang told reporters in Leh.

Chhewang further stated that no non-local should be permitted to invest in business in Ladakh and urged locals to boycott such events. He also emphasized that those with non-local business partners must disassociate immediately. Chhewang drew attention to a case where a non-local had allegedly claimed a disputed property in Leh despite being ineligible for it.

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Chhewang justified his demand for the implementation of the 6th Schedule, stating that the people of Ladakh face significant challenges and should receive additional benefits. He also stated that with the growing local population, constructing houses on uncultivated land (Thang) has become restricted, causing difficulties for those seeking registration even if they already own property.


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