Youth Action Committee raises public issues in Kargil, seeks action from LG Ladakh

VoL Desk, March 27: The Youth Action Committee of Kargil, Ladakh has written a letter to the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, requesting urgent action on several public issues faced by the residents of the district.

The letter highlights five main areas of concern, including faulty construction work by the 762-BRTF Project Vijayak, unscientific disposal of municipal and hospital garbage in open disposal sites, poor public transport system, early recruitment of vacant posts in various departments, and non-adherence to transfer policy of employees.

The letter states that the concerned department responsible for constructing Border roads throughout Ladakh, in particular at District Kargil, is not carrying out satisfactory work. The side drain at National Highway NH-1 near TV station was found to be faulty and after being highlighted by the local media, the concerned department dumped valid materials (Gravel, Sand etc.) to cover up the issue. The committee demands that immediate action be taken to address this matter.

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The committee also expressed concern about the unscientific disposal of municipal and hospital waste in open dumping sites at Khurbathang. The toxic smoke emitted continuously from the site causes tremendous air pollution in the area, posing a great health hazard to the grazing animals, human population, and vegetation cover, fauna and flora of the fragile ecosystem of the area around. The committee has also provided photographic evidence of the dumping site for the Lieutenant Governor’s perusal. The committee urges the authorities concerned to take immediate action to address this issue as it poses a serious threat to public health.

In addition to this, the committee highlights the poor public transport system in the district, particularly in rural areas, where people have to wait for long periods, especially women and students. The department of SRTC UT Ladakh has procured e-buses to ease the issue of transportation, but the committee requests that the issue be redressed once and for all.

Furthermore, the committee urges the authorities to expedite the recruitment process for hundreds of vacant posts in various departments of district Kargil. It also raises concerns about the non-adherence to the transfer policy of employees in all departments of district Kargil. Many employees remain at the same place of posting for several years, and many of them retire at the same place of posting, which is against the transfer policy of the Government.

In light of these issues, the committee urges the Lieutenant Governor to take immediate action to redress the genuine issues faced by the residents of the district.


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